Evaporative coolers are one of the most popular cooling solutions. It is because they are cheap, and they provide efficient cooling. They are also environment friendly.  However, like any other device, they too need maintenance and in case you fail to maintain them properly then they will trouble you. It can become extremely frustrating if your cooling system stops working on a hot summer day. Coolair evaporative cooling maintenance is essential because it has many benefits.  Proper maintenance of evaporative cooling will increase its longevity and will also prevent it from major damage and repairs. If you want to do basic Coolair evaporative cooling maintenance, then here are some of the simple tips that you can follow.

Make Sure To Unplug Before Cleaning

One of the very first things to do when you are about to start cleaning any electrical appliance, you need to unplug it. Just shutting off the switch is not enough hence always remembering to unplug it.  This will save you from electric shock and will also reduce the chances of damages.

Cleaning The Outside Unit Properly

Many people do not realize the importance of cleaning the outside unit. Hence, when you are doing cooler evaporative cooling maintenance make sure you clean the exterior properly but avoid using harsh chemicals to clean your cooling system. You can clean the exterior with warm water and a sponge. 

Cleaning And Checking The Pads

Cooling pads are one of the most essential parts of evaporative coolers. The condition of the cooling pads affects the performance of the coolers.  These pads trap dust and grim, and dirty pads not only slow down the cooling but also pollute the inside air and cause allergies.  No matter what type of pads your system has, it is essential to clean them once a month. Also, you should follow the guidelines of manufacture and replace them on time.

Cleaning And Checking The Pump

When it comes to cool air evaporative cooling maintenance you must ensure to check the pumps as they play an essential role in cooling. Like cooling, pads pumps too collect dust and debris and they get jammed. If you do not know how to clean the pump of an evaporative cooler, then you must hire an expert in this regard.

Keep The Water Tank Clean

Dirty water can create severe allergies and foul smells in the cooler, and it will also affect the cooling. You can change the water frequently and also use chemical tablets in your water tank to keep the water clean. If you are not using the cooler, you must keep the water tank empty. Sitting water can also become the hub of mosquitoes.

Packing For Winters

We do not use a cooling system in winters and therefore you must properly clean and store it during the winter season. Otherwise, its parts will accumulate rust and dust and when after long winter seasons you will restart your cooling system you will realize that it will need heavy coolair evaporative cooling maintenance.  Once you reopen you will have to check for rust, dust, and accumulated minerals in the parts of the system.

Evaporative cooling is a cheap and effective cooling system. With little maintenance, these systems can run for a long time. You can do it on your own or you can call coolair evaporative cooling maintenance specialized services. These services are professional, and they know how to keep your system well maintained and their charges are nominal. You can search such services online and check their reviews to choose the best one.-

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