College is known for being mentally and emotionally taxing. From trying to meet assignment deadlines on time to putting up with peer pressure, many new students struggle during their first year.ย  Although there are mistakes to avoid during your freshman year, not every hardship is a direct result of your own choices and actions. This is especially when it comes to those who are considered nerds. Nerds are often thought of as those whose nose is always buried in a book and has the answer for just about any problem. However, nerds aren’t some random stereotype; they’re those who think for themselves and don’t normally go with whatever’s currently trending. If you’re a nerd whose trying to get by in college, then you’ve come to the right place. Here’s how you can survive your college career as a nerd.

Don’t Give Into Peer Pressure

Itโ€™s important to focus on managing student safety, specifically peer pressure is a real problem. Nerds in particular deal with peer pressure more than anyone else. Peer pressure is when someone feels the need or forced into doing things solely because others are. Peer pressure usually entails a harmful activity, like drinking and smoking. What’s worse is that people usually give into peer pressure because they want to make fast friends. People who actively encourage bad behaviors aren’t your friends.

Form a Nerd Squad

Although it may seem you’re the odd one out, you’re not. There are many nerds in college who are going through the same thing. Well, college is the best time for nerds to unite. That’s why you should start to mingle with other like-minded smarties and form your own friend group.

Procure Some Financial Security

Just like any other person, nerds also need to build up some form of financial security. Building financial security early on in college is going to be a huge help in the future. There’s no better way to do start than by taking out a credit card. Credit cards give people a set amount of money, which is usually in the thousands, to spend however they please.

Though it should be noted that you should avoid using for splurges. Credit cards should only be used for when you absolutely need them. Your best bet is to apply for a student credit card. Student credit cards give college students a bit more leeway than they’d have with a regular one. This is because these cards have a few benefits. One of these benefits includes having a zero annual percentage rate for the first year. That way, if you do spend any money using your credit card, you won’t be charged interest.

Keep Your Diet Healthy

It’s college and you’re probably already stressed from midterms, so naturally, you’re going to self-soothe with some pizza, soda, and candy. However, you should never make this a part of your actual diet. A routine splurge is one thing, but eating junk food consistently can impact your health. You want to keep both your mind and body sharp and ready for anything. Make sure your diet is full of grains, vegetables, and fruits.

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