Among the various types of bets offered on sports betting sites, live bets are certainly among the most popular. This particular type of bet allows bettors to place their bets in real-time during the chosen sporting event, such as a football match. This kind of betting is getting more and more popular among bettors because the prizes offered by the platforms are often more advantageous compared to those available for traditional sports betting.

Live betting complements traditional betting and represents a betting method that increases the adrenaline of the game due to the excitement of betting on events in real-time and the continuous fluctuation of the odds. Following live events allows you to take advantage of reversals during a match and benefit from better odds than those offered for traditional sports betting.

Although it is not possible to say for sure how to win at live betting, some techniques can increase your chances of winning live bets by betting on the sporting events you are passionate about. Whether you are an experienced player or a novice, you should be aware that without researching the statistical data, carefully analyzing the match, and consulting the predictions of the most reliable bookmakers, for example on stoximan live betopolis, it is very difficult to cash in some bets.

Letโ€™s look at some of these techniques!

Live Betting Method #1: Over 1,5

One of the most popular bets among football fans is the Over 1.5. This live betting strategy is considered risky but, if played with awareness, it can be very rewarding. Betting on an Over 1.5 event means predicting that the total number of goals scored by both teams in a given match will be greater than or equal to 2. It is therefore advisable to place this type of bet in matches where many goals are expected.

There are leagues where there is a tendency for more goals to be scored, such as the Austrian and German Bundesliga, and where the over 1.5 is a highly successful bet. Bookmakers in these leagues offer significantly lower odds on the over than in leagues where fewer goals are scored. Among the most goal-scoring leagues are Ligue 2, the French second division, and the Italian Serie C. In general, betting on the over 1.5 in these leagues is inadvisable.

In live sports betting, it is a good idea to take advantage of particular moments of the match, such as the disadvantage of the favorite team or the circumstance that the home team is stuck at 0-0 with 10 minutes to go and has to attack in order to pass the round, with the resulting imbalance and possible goal on the counterattack. In the latter case, betting on over 0.5, which means that one of the teams scores at least one goal, can be rewarding.

Among the essential characteristics that a live betting player must possess or must develop is speed. The real-time evolution of events means that you have to be very quick in your choices and not be too hesitant when you have a hunch, as it could happen while you are lingering and become a source of regret.

Live Betting Method #2: Next Goal

The goal/no-goal rule is a must. It consists of predicting which team will score the next goal during the match. We recommend that you wait until the end of the first half before placing your bets so that you can get an idea of the tactical script of the match and take advantage of more attractive odds on the next goal.

Statistics that can help you to understand if one of the two teams on the pitch is about to score include the distribution of goals in the league (which teams scored more in the second half) and the frequency of correct results at the end of the first half.

One thing to bear in mind when placing live bets is that the less time there is to play, the higher are the odds. In a situation where a stronger team and a weaker one are tied, betting on the favorite as the minutes go by will allow you to take advantage of higher odds.

When one of the teams increases their offensive pressure, which can also be deduced from the number of corners and shots on goal, it may be the right time to place a bet. If you want to place a bet, you should watch the game to get a feel for how the match is shaping up, so that you have a better chance of predicting what will happen in the final stages.

Live Betting Method #3: Bet on Corners

Another strategy with a good chance of success is corner betting, which is best used in situations where the favorite team is losing, especially in the final stages of a major competition. Corners are the result of offensive pressure on opponents, so the chances are high that the losing team will take many of them.

When the favorite team is down by one or more goals you can play a Team Over Corner, which consists of predicting whether, at the end of the match, the number of corners taken by the team you are betting on will be higher than the set limit. Alternatively, you can bet on Over X Corner by predicting whether the sum of corners taken by both teams at the end of the match will be greater than the X threshold in the bet description.

It is worth remembering that live betting is very adrenaline, which is why you should never get carried away. Remember to play responsibly, preferably after reading up on the teams’ performance. On this type of live betting, you should also bear in mind that the odds change very quickly, so you should never bet more than 3-4% of your bankroll.

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