If you are considering a pet containment system that doesnโ€™t involve an overbearing fence blocking your view, wireless is an excellent option.  The Petsafe wireless fence is easy to install and will be effective within a short training period.

The GPS dog fence system uses a radio signal at 17.5 kHz and a receiver to alert your dog when he has wandered too far from home.  As long as your puppy is within a range set by you, he wonโ€™t be bothered at all. Once he nears the fencing boundary the receiver will beep to let him know of the danger.  If he continues, a noticeable, but harmless static correction signal will bring him back inside the safe range.

Petsafe Wireless Fence Guide

Step 1:  Once you have purchased the unit, plug the transmitter into a convenient, central outlet.  Since the signal will travel through walls and obstructions, it doesnโ€™t have to be within sight or outdoors.  In the garage, a closet or tucked into a corner will do.

The transmitter also has a safety feature that will shut the receiver down in the event of a power outage so that your pet wonโ€™t get a shocking correction signal.

Step 2:  Set the preferred range.  The minimum radius is 30 feet, which means your dog will be able to roam up to 30 feet from the transmitter.  The maximum for each transmitter is 90 feet or nearly a 0.5 acre of area.

If that isnโ€™t enough to cover your property or the desired space, pick up two transmitters.  You should plug both in and set them up to work together in two overlapping circles. The signals in the overlap areas cancel each other out to allow access across both ranges.

Step 3:  Set the included flags out around the boundary.  These are to help your pet have a visual reminder of the boundary during the training period.  The flags are not permanent and most dogs are trained within a few days.

Step 4:  Install the collar on your dog.  It weighs only 2.5 ounces and has a receiver built right in.  The correction signals can be adjusted over 6 different levels and the battery is protected with a waterproof cap.  You can bring the transmitter with you in your vehicle with an inverter or simply remove the collar when youโ€™re travelling with your pet.

Step 5:  Walk your dog around the boundary of the invisible fence and within the safe area, allowing him to get a feel for the beeps and correction signals.  If you prefer, there is also a beep-only mode that can be used for training. If your dog runs outside of the boundary, the receiver will shut down the correction signal after 25 seconds.  This helps to avoid overcorrection, but will still deliver a startling lesson to your pet.

Once youโ€™ve gone through these five steps and your pet has a chance to get used to both the collar and the boundary system, you are all set.  The Petsafe wireless fence requires no maintenance and will last for years, allowing your pet to roam safely on his own home turf.

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