Invisalign aligners are turning heads wherever they go, and for good reason. A preferred option by many to straighten their teeth, it is a superior alternative to your regular, metal braces as they are practical, comfortable, flexible, and discreet. These clear aligners are hassle-free and in no time give you a dazzling smile sans the frequent wire changes, elastic bands, and repositioning.

If youโ€™ve decided to go with Invisalign instead of your standard braces, you must know that taking care of your aligners is just as important as purchasing them. While the Invisalign cost san francisco may differ from the other states of the United States, the process to take care of them is universal and follows as below.

1. Clean Your Aligners Frequently

While this step seems pretty obvious, you might be surprised how many people still avoid this crucial step. Your aligners may be a host for bacteria and dust; hence it is essential that you clean them at least twice a day. In order to keep them clean, you apply toothpaste to your toothbrush and gently scrub it.

2. Use Only Gentle Substances To Clean Your Aligners

Many make the mistake of cleaning their aligners with harsh products such as mouthwash and soap. This is a big no-no, as these may be abrasive, leaving your aligners looking worn out and more prominent, which is not something you would want from your virtually invisible set.

3. Rinse Them Each Time You Take Them Off

Plaque and saliva often linger around your aligners, even after taking them off. To prevent bacterial buildup that may lead to tooth and gum decay, you must rinse your aligners each time.

4. Do Not Consume Food Or Drinks With Your Aligners On

Your aligners are virtually invisible, and drinking and eating foods that may have food coloring will stain your teeth. Not only this, but sharp food may damage your aligners too. Hence, it is a good practice not to consume food or drinks, unless it is water, of course.

5. Make sure your Invisalign Aligners Go In Their Case After

Every set of Invisalign aligners comes with their case to protect them from environmental stressors. If left unprotected, dust and bacteria could settle on them and compromise your oral health. To keep this from happening, use the case given to you to store the Invisalign aligners, so they are clean and untouched until your next use.

6. Wash Your Teeth After The Aligners Are Off

When you put your Invisalign aligners on, there may be tiny particles of food, bacteria, and plaque trapped inside of them. If left unchecked for too long, it may damage and worsen your oral health, leading to cavities, bad breath, decaying gums, etc. Hence, every time you take off your aligners, you must wash your teeth and floss right after.

From the points mentioned above, it’s clear to us how and why it is important to take good care of our Invisalign aligners. If you carefully follow our list, you will have no problems with achieving aligned teeth, that are both flawless and dazzling!

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