Everyone loves to be surprised at work, especially if it’s by their partner. Every once in a while, you will find yourself looking for new ways to keep the romance and show your love and appreciation for your boyfriend or husband. Planning a surprise or a gift is not easy, and requires some creativity and thought.

You have to know your partner very well to know what they like and surprise him with it. In this article, we put together a few gift ideas that will help you surprise your man at work and show him how much you love him.

Create A Work Treasure Hunt For Him

You don’t have to spend hundreds on the present for your man. The most appreciated gifts come from those who think creatively and put effort into their presents. For this one, you will need to come up with a good treasure map and leave clues for it at your man’s workplace. Make clues that are easy to follow and arrange for a thoughtful prize. It can be his favorite chocolate, a new pair of sunglasses, or even movie tickets for a date you’ve planned when his shift ends. The most important thing is to make it as creative as possible. Your man will love a present that makes him look around and think a little to earn it.

Put Gas In His Car

You will have to steal his car for this one to be able to fill it up with gas before his next shift. Find a time when he is not using his car and take it to the gas station and fill its tank. Leave a nice note inside the car for him to find once he gets in to drive to work. You will love the surprise on his face when he finds out that you cared enough to fill his car with gas before he goes to work. This idea is more practical than romantic, but it’s guaranteed to surprise your man and draw a smile on his face before work.

Food Gifts 

You can never go wrong with picking out a present that involves food because it’s a fact that men love food. You just have to be creative in how you present a nice meal for your man. A box of chocolates wouldn’t count in this category; you have to get him something he really loves instead of such a basic romantic idea. What you can get him, though, is a rose bouquet made from beef jerky from Manly Man Co, and deliver it to his work. It represents the whole romantic idea but also involves delicious food that your man loves. You can also apply the same standards to any other food he likes, for example, bacon, fries, or even tacos. The more creative you get with the wrapping and how the meal looks, the more it’s granted to surprise him and make him smile.

Lunch Box Surprise

Another simple and affordable idea. All you need for this one is a piece of paper that looks nice enough to contain a lovely message. Write a little romantic quote, a poem, or a love message for your man and put it inside his lunch box before he leaves for work.

Making Luch box for your man
Photo by Vanessa Loring from Pexels

He will surely appreciate the little effort put into this when it’s his lunch hour. If you want to make it even fancier, add a chocolate bar or candy. It’s a little gesture of love that will show your man that you care about the little things and want to make him smile at work.

Surprise Event

Arrange this one with his boss and prepare for him to leave work on that day for a special occasion. You can arrange a date night with a surprise for a sports event, a movie premiere, or something you can surprise him at work with and take him out in the middle of his shift. Nothing feels better than leaving work, especially if it’s for something you enjoy doing. So once you prepare for his early departure from work, you can take him anywhere he wants to go; no need for over-creativity. He will just appreciate the effort you put in picking him up from work.

These little surprises are very affordable and will surely show your man how much you appreciate his existence in your life. It’s more about how creative you are and how much you want to make him happy rather than how much you spent on the gift. Add this to a busy workday, and you’ve got yourself a very happy man who’s glad he has someone that makes life easier for him. Remember to make sure it’s okay with his work staff and management before you go for something big that could cause a scene at work.

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