Let’s be honest here, we girls love shopping, though we deny it big time. Especially if you’re independent and have a clear source of income, you tend to spend your money on unnecessary things, just because you can. However, shopping can be a devilish interest. It’s all a sweet satisfaction until you get hit with the credit card bill.

Shopping smart is so crucial in the current word. Anything bright and expensive could win your heart, like Black Friday sales and Christmas offers which are sure to lure you in, but here are some tips to control your shopping lust and save more while you shop.

1. Make a Budget

Just like the Parliament struggles, accepting and issuing a new budget could be difficult when you’re used to the free-style thing. However, whenever you get your salary or allowance, make sure to budget it, allocating a particular amount for shopping. This way you have a proper control over your spree.

2. List them Down

Smart shopping begins with a list. Just like you do the grocery list, make one for your monthly shopping too. It may sound funny, given the fact that you exactly have no clue what you’ll end up buying, but a simple list would do. Let’s say you want to buy a shoe this month (Shoes are everything) you necessarily don’t have to write down which colour shape or style it should look.

3. ‘Do I really need it?’

This is a question you need to practice asking yourself in the fitting room. Do you really need this right now? What if you find something better than this? Is this worth it after all? It’s just an old birthday party. There are many more days till Christmas, you can get something original by then. So plan it wisely.

4. Take your time

Is this even needed? We, women, are pros in taking our own time at shopping. Yes, it’s important not to hurry. Take your time to decide. Fit on and stay for a couple of minutes to see if you’re comfortable and whether you like it. What most of us do is find flaws in dresses once we purchase them. So take your time and think twice whether you’ll wear it more than 3 times at least.

5. Leave the Credit Card at Home

Yes, the easiest and safest option is this. Simply leave the Credit card at home. Knowing you have limitless money on that little plastic, you tend to convince yourself to one more dress which eventually leads to personal bankruptcy. So if possible, leave that credit card at home when you go on your monthly shopping outing.


So there you go, the simplest and some of the most convenient tips you could use when you go on your next shopping spree. Remember, saving is the ultimate goal. And of course, finding the right dress!

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