One way of living in big cities affordably is by opting for smaller spaces, where your creativity is truly tested, as in how to ensure the space is utilized to the maximum while keeping its look sufficiently presentable. Therefore, if you have a small place you’re planning to shift to, and finally kick-start ‘practical adulthood’, then let us help you out with planning and executing the task to transform an idea into an actual operational micro-apartment that doesn’t look or feel like a boring dorm room.

Studio and micro-apartments are largely similar, but out of many things common, they are essentially single open-floor plans, which usually cover an area of less than 600 sq. ft. A Studio apartment typically constitutes a kitchen, living room, and bedroom combined in one space whereas micro-apartments are designed to use space more efficiently and in a more environmentally friendly way with high-end facilities.

Let us begin with some of the best micro apartment design ideas used across the world and then we’ll head on to exploring the avenues where we can source the things we might need to manifest any such ideas. So, shoot!

Curtains, all the way

The floor-to-ceiling curtain tends to add a classic touch to the interior and create an illusion of larger (taller) space. Net curtains in particular are a great addition to a room both aesthetically and in terms of utility as well.

Separate your bedroom with room-divider curtains, the cost-effective yet super chic alternative to solid walls or spaces where the property owner doesn’t allow permanent construction.

Bed with a secret storage

A secret storage place is always a safe bet, be it underneath the bed, sofa, or inside a stool. The best way to dump some stuff in, without it looking tacky. Store large amounts of unnecessary or seasonal belongings, things that are used less frequently. Secret storage ensures the efficient utilization of space.

Make high ceilings less boring with an elevated bedroom

High ceilings used to be a thing of the past but give it a quick modern touch while effectively utilizing the entire space with a loft bedroom. It not only helps maintain privacy but the right choice of color scheme can also make the area appear larger than its real size.

Multipurpose Sofa

Optimizing spaces as small as 200 sq. ft. is nothing short of a challenge, and only smart choices can lead to having a spacious looking chic nest.

One of the solutions to occupying a small space effectively is by making a Sofa multitask as a bed – the Sofa for the day and the bed for the night. Hence giving your nest a cozy yet well-utilized look. Add plants and play with natural light – let large windows do the trick during the day while using warm lights to make the space feel cozy at night.

Two-toned walls

Create the feeling of separation with nothing solid rather than only a change in the tone of color on the wall. It is by far the simplest, most creative, and affordable way of turning a boring single-floor apartment into a cool-looking studio.

Now all these ideas naturally make you think of a place to source everything and start working on your own little dream nest. We have you sorted here too. Order the best quality interior from these reliable sources and get your creative juices flowing. However, before finalizing the shifting, don’t forget to have a steady or shall I say, lightning-fast internet connection HughesNet, available all over the US no matter where you want to move and order whatever you need and get it delivered to your doorstep, without any hassle. Explore our list of online design and furniture stores and turn the boring single floor into a dream house of yours:

All Modern: furniture to maximize available space

All Modern is one of the top online furniture stores that comes with a variety of furniture options, ranging from indoor to outdoor, which you can mix and match according to your needs and your creative potential, to ensure maximum space utilization without making things look too stuffy or out of proportion.

Choose the smartest, best quality, and most modern pieces according to your taste and have them delivered to your doorstep in no time at all.

APT2B: A place to leave all your worries behind

Shop the perfect apartment-sized sofas with several provisions like free fabric swatches that will permit you to have the real feel of your furniture and a huge variety of other options too. Founded on the principle of making online furniture shopping as convenient as possible, APT2B online store tempts you to explore and choose from a large portfolio of items. It is near impossible to not find what you had in your mind at this store and get it customized to your liking.

BLU DOT: Stylish yet functional furniture

An idea was brought to life in 1997 by two architects and a sculptor. Their pieces are nothing less than a work of art without costing you an arm or a leg. Add a piece or two from their exceptional collection and step up your interior game stylishly and affordably with options very rare in the common market.

West Elm: Accessorize your apartment with the coolest pieces in town

West Elm brings you the most affordable mid-century furniture in town.

In case you have not been to their stores yet visit their website, we bet you won’t be disappointed and will find one thing or another for your home.

An extensively built website, with everything you need to know and every facility to make your purchase easier, West Elm ensures the fastest delivery after order placement, so you won’t have to wait.

The Inside: Everything Custom

If you like everything custom, then The Inside is your place to be. Pick from an extensive collection of theirs, which boasts everything from chairs to headboards, and customize your furniture pieces just the way you need them. Get anything you wish to own in cool funky colors.