Weighted blankets help cure sleep disorders, relieve anxiety, reduce stress levels, and impact several health issues. The blankets are mostly used for deep pressure therapy. These can even minimize the symptoms of autism and ADHD levels.

You can scroll through an online collection at stores like https://hevvyblankets.com/collections/original-weighted-blankets to explore your options. Ultimately, your choice of the blanket will depend upon the right fabric that best comforts you. Hereโ€™s how you can select the right fabrics in weighted blankets.

Chenille Weighted Blankets

Chenille is a fluffy fabric considered as one of the soft weighted materials. This type of blanket is beneficial for people coping with anxiety and stress. After a tough day at work, you would like to dose off immediately as soon as you get to your bed. The blanket’s fluffy fabric will allow you to snuggle inside it so that you can enjoy a comfortable ‘good night’ sleep.

Minky Weighted Blankets

The Minky fabric is a plush material that has a shorter fibre than chenille. The fibres of this fabric give it a soft and silky touch. For people whose body temperature is generally low, these blankets can help keep them warm. Your children especially require a warmer temperature for a proper sleep cycle, and the Minky fabric can help with that. So, if you are residing in a reasonably cold climate, you can go for this fabric.

Cotton Weighted Blankets

The weighted cotton blankets are made of 100 percent cotton. The USP of these blankets is that they are suitable for all. The manufacturers may use breathable poly pellets as fillers in these blankets. You can easily use them in areas where the room temperature is preferably cold.

The cotton will dissipate body heat and will keep you cool in your sleep so that you donโ€™t wake up all sweaty. The breathable pores are suitable for all those who are most likely to experience breaking sleep patterns.

Fleece Weighted Blankets

Fleece blankets are generally used for deep pressure therapy by the users. These blankets are found to be helpful for those who have autism, ADHD, and sensory disorders. Fleece is a luxurious fabric with a soft-touch and extended durability. You can use these every day to experience peaceful sleep.

Waterproof Weighted Blankets

These blankets are water-resistant, fire-resistant, and anti-microbial. It allows any fluids or heat to escape from the insides of the blanket. The waterproof breathable fabric can keep you cool, beating the heat from the outside and inside.

The waterproof blankets act as a barrier against any liquids that otherwise might get absorbed into the blanket. So, if you are looking for these qualities in your blanket, you can go with this option.

Custom Weighted Blankets

If you have explored your options and yet canโ€™t find something that perfectly suits your needs, you can go for a custom-made weighted blanket option. You can choose the size of these according to your mattress and get it made for you.

Also, choose suitable fabric, fillers, weight, and blend them into your weighted blanket choice. The user might feel more comfortable with a custom weighted blanket because each of the specifications is adjusted according to their preference.

So, you can go through a variety of options and buy your favorite one.

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