A special undertaking when wedding planning is selecting the color of the bridesmaids’ dresses, (and praying that they all like it). After the bride, bridesmaids are a focal point at the wedding. We have created a short guide to help you in the process. This guide will ease your life and we guarantee that your bridesmaids will appreciate the thoughtful research. You will thank us later.

Your Wedding Theme and Color Palette

When selecting the color of your bridesmaids’ dresses is important to take inspiration from your wedding theme, it creates harmony and balance. There is a color palette attached to that theme. For example, a Great Gatsby theme wedding will have gold, white, black accents, and pearls. Your bridesmaids’ dress will then be gold. If you are a daring bride, you can go with black for a chic look.

Season & Location

Take into consideration the location in terms of the weather, some colors absorb the sun’s heat more than others and if you have an outdoor wedding, it might create a problem for your ladies halfway through the ceremony…( just saying!)  The season will give you an idea of the shade of the color you choose. Here are some of the popular ones.

  • Winter weddings: Jewel tones – Sapphire blue, Topaz blue, Ruby red, Emerald green.
  • Spring Weddings: Pastel tones – Powder pink, Baby blue, Peach, Light yellow.
  • Summer Weddings: Bright Colors – Mango yellow, Papaya, Coral, Royal blue.
  • Fall Weddings: Warm Colors – Olive green, Mustard, Burgundy.

Bridesmaids’ Skin tones

Skin tones are important to consider when choosing the color, you want the color to compliment your bridesmaids’ complexions. This will help narrow down the options if you want to stick to the same color for everyone. Another option is to choose a color and give the freedom to your bridesmaids to select the shade that suits them best.

There’s only a handful of colors that will look great on any skin tone. They provide a perfect balance of warm and cool that won’t clash with your skin.

  • Light blush pink: brightens any skin tone and brings out the natural glow of your face.
  • Teal: with a perfect mix of blue and green can be worn by anyone.
  • Eggplant purple: It acts like a neutral and accentuates your skin without overpowering it.
  • Gray: Gray is a neutral color which is a good substitute for black because it also can be worn with most colors.
  • Navy Blue: is sleek and classic. Best of all it looks good with any skin tone.

Your favorite color

Last, but not least, consider your own opinion. Your big day should represent you, the bride.

If your favorite color is pink, then you should go with it and try to work with the ideas outlined above to select the right shade for the season, location, and theme.

If you are still undecided after following our guide… do not fret! We found this great quiz , we are sure it will help!

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