If you are an experienced driver, then I think you already have the address of your favorite car repairing service center in your head. But there are different situations. Suppose you drive your Ferrari somewhere in another city a hundred years from your already proven car repair service. And suddenly a light comes on – something is wrong with the battery. You can’t deal with the battery yourself, so you need a repair center. Are you looking for the nearest ferrari service dubai. And what questions to ask the mechanics so that you donโ€™t get a tidy sum, when in reality you just lost the postings?

  1. It is not necessary on the threshold of a car service to tell its employees that you donโ€™t understand anything about a car. The more you talk about it, the more expensive the repair will cost you. Hearing such words, mechanics quickly inflate the cost of repairs, change quite suitable parts and create the appearance of serious work.
  2. After the malfunction is identified and the service claims that they will repair exactly this, it is necessary to say, but it is better to fix on paper the necessary amount of work, which spare parts will be changed and what the costs of materials will be. That is, you do not need to give the car with the words “do it, please.” Such a phrase will always end with a big score.
  3. In order to increase the average check for repairs, craftsmen artificially increase the time of work. The client is told that another breakdown was found in the car, which prevents the main work, etc. from being carried out. You can check this with the help of DVRs, or, if you have free time, then follow the master during the repair.

Questions to ask a mechanic before he gets to work:

1. Do you have experience with this model?

Auto repair shops specialize in certain types of vehicles, and the staff is also more knowledgeable about a particular vehicle segment. Suppose the workshop can only work with luxury cars, rally or touring cars. Whatever their specialty, you can ask them if they have worked with your type of car and how long it will take to service the car.

2. Which car group/association do you belong to?

The Automotive Service Association and the Australian Automotive Repairers Association (AARA) are the two leading organizations in the automotive repair industry. These organizations ensure that their members adhere to donation policies and uphold industry standards. They also ensure that clients are treated in accordance with these guidelines.

3. Will you make a cost/diagnostic estimate?

Each workshop probably has diagnostic tools and can estimate the cost of a repair by analyzing the damage. And this diagnostic is always free, so if they take money for it, itโ€™s better to find another workshop.

  1. Could you give me the details of the immediate repair needed and estimate the cost?
  2. Can I choose which auto parts to use for repairs?
  3. Parts used to replace original parts will affect vehicle performance.
  4. Are these new parts covered by the warranty?

If the parts they replace aren’t covered under warranty, you’re always at risk. Always buy parts that have a warranty of several years.

By asking these simple questions, you will, firstly, let the mechanic know that you also understand something about cars, and secondly, you will be able to understand what the company is like. And if at least one answer you do not like, then you need to go further.

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