If you have ever thought of an older car getting scrapped, the image that more than likely comes to mind is of the older car getting crushed and tossed in a pile. However, this has not been the typical case for a number of years. A number of the elements found within your car can be recycled and put to good use.

Parts such as the wheels, battery, and catalytic convertor will be removed and taken. The car is then drained of all fluids. In the end, anything that can be reused or sold will be removed. Once the car is stripped down to its metal framework will it be compacted.

Older cars still have a great deal of value in them from a number of working parts. The mechanics at a recycling center will dive into the car and search for any workable or valuable parts that can be recycled or reused. Nothing for the car is going to be wasted.


Old tires are one of the major components that can be recycled. Instead of removing them to lay in a field or burn them, simply leave them on the car. The recycling center will be glad to salvage them for another use. You never want to try and rid tires on your own or even burn them. Tires are created from rubber. When they are burned, they will release a combination of harmful chemicals including cyanide, carbon monoxide, and sulfur dioxide.

There are a number of ways in which you can recycle old tires on your own. You can make plant containers in your garden. They are quite sturdy and will literally last forever. However, if you have no desire to garden, you can always make a call to the local recycling center. They will take the tires and dispose of them in a proper manner.

The Reuse Of Old Batteries

You never want to simply toss away old batteries in a careless manner. They are filled with a number of dangerous chemicals that can create a dangerous environmental situation. It is best to send them to a recycling center which will be able to dispose of them in a proper manner.

In fact, many car batteries have the ability to be revived and used again. Some of these batteries have the ability to be repurposed into solar panels. There are a number of uses for a wide variety of businesses and people. If you have an old battery in your vehicle, simply leave when turning the car in.

If you know very little about car batteries, simply leave it as they can be very dangerous. In fact, you can expose yourself to a number of dangerous chemicals that can be quite dangerous. It is better to leave this situation to the experts. Additionally, you never want to handle a battery with your bare hands. Take the time and put on protective gear, no matter how old the battery is.

Avoiding The Landfill

As you know, our landfills are already overrun with trash. We have become far to use to the fact that everything is disposable in this world. With that in mind, we simply throw everything away. When the trash in the landfill decomposes, it begins to release a series of gases including methane into the atmosphere. Other hazardous materials will eventually find their way into the earth as well as the water.

Scrap car removal is one of the best ways we have of ensuring our landfills are not overfilled. You do not want your car to sit and rot. Go to the nearest recycling center and allow them to scrap it in a proper manner. This will ensure that your car’s final moments do not lead to further pollution of the environment.

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