When it comes to nicotine products, there is nothing that has gained more popularity than vapes. They represent a much healthier option than traditional cigarettes, and frankly, they are much more pleasant to use. But, what many people do not think about or do not focus on is cleaning their vapes and the importance of doing so. But, as with anything else you use every day, properly cleaning your vape is important. Even though the frequency with which you clean your vape depends on how often you use it, you still need to clean it at least once a week. It is best if you make it a habit, just like you brush your teeth every day.

However, if you do not know how to clean your vape, or why it is important at all, read through the rest of this article to learn more.

Why is it important?

First and foremost, cleaning your vape regularly will ensure you that it does not have any unwanted germs on it. This can especially be important when you are often sharing your device with other people. If you do not clean it often enough, the germs will stay on it, and this is certainly not something that you want. Moreover, if you properly clean your vaporizer, it will surely last longer. As the folks at DemandDistribution.com explained, this will also depend on the quality of the device you are using. But in any case, proper cleaning of a vape device should be a part of your routine for both of these reasons.

Cleaning the vape tank

If you want to get the maximum flavor from the e-liquid that you buy, you must first clean it from the previous one you used. If you use a doughnut flavor, and then you want to switch to a fruity one, these flavors will get mixed, and you might not enjoy the experience of that. To properly extract a flavor from a vape tank, it is necessary that you wash it with alcohol.

The way you should do this is first to detach your tank from its mode and spill any liquid that is left. Then, what you will want to do is disassemble the tank completely. As an alcohol source, it is best if you use high-proof and non-flavored vodka. It is a good choice since it will easily break down the e-juice deposits that are left in the vape tank. You can dampen a paper towel, or possibly a cloth, with vodka and then scrub until you see that the tank is completely clean. After doing so, make sure to rinse and wipe with warm water. Do not use that vape tank until it is completely dry. If you do not have any vodka around, you can also wash it with water and a few drops of dish soap. However, keep in mind that the alcohol wash will provide you with better results.

Using the ultrasonic cleaner

If you want to get the best results when it comes to vape cleaning, you should use an ultrasonic cleaner. These types of cleaners are typically used for precious metals. But, they can actually be used to clean your vape as well. The whole process is not at all complicated and will leave you with a vape tank that is good as new. You first need to fill the ultrasonic cleaner with water, put everything you want to clean inside, and run it for about 10 minutes. If you want to achieve a better effect, you can add one or two drops of dishwashing liquid. If you do this, remember that you have to give your vape tank an extra rinse afterward. As in the previous case, let it dry before you use it again.

Can vape coils be cleaned as well?

Unlike vape tanks that can be easily cleaned, vape coils should not be cleaned. If you try to get them wet, they will, unfortunately, burn out. So, basically, this part of your vaping device needs to be replaced once you cannot use it anymore. You should replace it if you are experiencing any burnt-like taste, or when you can see that it is dark, damaged, or crusted. Moreover, if you see that your atomizer is leaking, or that there is not enough vapor being produced, it is time to change your coil as well.

If you are a vape device user, and you were wondering how and why you need to properly clean your device, hopefully, this article has helped you!

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