Going on a Sri Lanka road trip is a fun adventure that’s often full of surprises. Planning a smart itinerary in advance and knowing how to prepare will help you ensure that you can get the most out of the trip, and go back with lots of good memories and some awesome photos. This article will give some top road trip planning tips to help you make sure that the surprises you encounter along the way are good ones.

Making sure the itinerary works for everyone

Before you start planning your road trip, find out in advance what everyone wants from the trip, as this will help you map out a rough trajectory. Sri Lanka is full of diverse landscapes, tropical villages and stunning beaches, so there really is something for everyone. There is also a range of different exciting and adventurous activities that you could do, and it’s usually a good idea to plan your trip around your chosen activities. Some ideas include going on a safari in Yala National park, hiking in Sigiriya, or exploring the temples and monasteries in Anuradhapura. Once you know everyone’s preferences, you will be able to plan the perfect itinerary around that. However, be sure to leave room for spontaneity along the way: sometimes it’s the unexpected turns that can bring the most adventure.

Renting a car or driving?

While renting is a good way to make a road trip possible for people without a car, it can be quite expensive, but not prohibitively so. It all depends on your budget and how much you want to spend. However, if you have been thinking about getting a car for a while, and you know a car would be useful to you after your road trip, then it may be worth looking at some local car deals. This could be a good long-term investment, and what better way to break a new car in than setting off with friends or family on the open road?

Map out a few key stops

Before you set off, you need to think realistically about how far you will be able to drive each day. Using a physical paper map can give you a better overall sense of the distance you will travel and the stops you plan to make. Plot the major sights and destinations along your route, and identify gas stations and places that you can stay for the night. For example, if you decide to go hiking on one of the days in Ella – which is a tiny remote village – you will need to plan ahead of time where you will stay for the night, as there will be fewer options available than there would be in a more populated area. You should aim to do a good amount of research on affordable hotels and places to eat that are open late for each destination you are planning to visit. 

Touring the beautiful island nation of Sri Lanka makes for a road trip to remember: there’s so much to do and see that there’s no doubt it will leave you wanting more. As soon as you have chosen your itinerary, worked out your budget and packed all your essentials, you’ll be ready to hit the open road and see where it takes you.

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