The bachelor party should represent the future groom’s last hooray before settling down. After months of planning the wedding, tasting cakes, going for fittings and booking different kinds of services, he is probably more than willing to relax, unwind and spend some time with his buddies. So, make sure to go the extra mile to make his stag party something special. Here are a few tips that can help with planning a perfect bachelor party.

Create a good guest list

While the wedding will be attended by a huge number of people, bachelor parties should be reserved for crème de la crème of your friend and family group. Make sure to invite all his closest friends and even consider someone new ones like his future brother-in-law. Consul with the groom and make sure to consider factors like cost, location and atmosphere (the bride’s father might not appreciate a trip to a strip club).

Pick a perfect destination

If you’re planning a short trip, make sure to go big or go home. Today, you can really find hundreds of amazing bachelor party destinations, but make sure to concentrate on what the groom likes. For instance, if he’s into water sports, you can hit Australia or if he’s a big electronic music fan, visit Ibiza. It’s important to find a destination everyone will enjoy, but the groom should have the final say. Not only is the destination important, the decorations are too! Lights, confetti and balloons are some things you cannot miss at a party.

Make sure you eat and drink like kings

No matter where you end up, you will definitely be a bunch of hungry and thirsty boys. While you might choose to save up some money by ordering takeout, make sure to have one night that will be truly special. You can throw a wild dinner-and-drinks party at your place or book a private venue for all the guys. If you find yourself in a country known for liberal people and crazy parties like Australia, you can even hire a nude waitress or two to tend to all your needs. These girls are very hospitable and friendly, and while the groom might be taken, there are plenty of single guys who will love the view and attention.

Create your itinerary

It’s important to go with the flow, but having a loose plan of your trip is the key to a successful bachelor party. Write down all the main spots you want to visit and pay special attention to things that require reservations.

Organize the main activity

While you want to avoid anything that’s too extreme and dangerous (especially if you’re planning to drink) you must add some excitement to your party. You can opt for activities like waterskiing, paintballing, rafting, camping or deep water fishing with a guide. If you know there’s something your groom is especially into, surprise him and take the whole squad to enjoy his fave activity. He will definitely appreciate the gesture. Later, you’ll all be ready to eat, drink and be merry.

Be present on social media

You will definitely want to remember your big party forever, so create a special hashtag for the weekend and ask all the boys to use it while posting any photos online. While there are bound to be a few moments you’ll be embarrassed by, these usually make the best memories and the most fun stories to tell, so don’t hesitate to include them as well.

Bonus tip: Don’t organize it a day before the wedding

If you think the perfect time for the bachelor party is the night before the wedding, reconsider your decision. Getting married with a huge hangover will not be fun for him and can seriously stress out his future spouse!

If you really do your best to throw an unforgettable bachelor party, your groom will be thankful forever and sail into marriage without any regrets. Cheers, guys and have a good one!

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