You could have any reason for wanting to move to or within Philadelphia. Perhaps you’ve had a job change, or you just want to try something new. The hassle of moving shouldn’t be the only thing standing in your way! When people think of moving, they often get overwhelmed with the idea of purchasing a new place, packing up everything, cleaning everything, transporting everything, unpacking everything, and organizing the new space. But moving doesn’t have to be stressful! If you find yourself needing to relocate to Philadelphia, follow the tips below to make your move a breeze.

Shop Smart

The first step in any move is figuring out where you are moving to. You need a place to live when you arrive and somewhere to take all of your belongings.  But if you aren’t local, finding a new home or Rittenhouse Square Philadelphia condominiums can seem like quite the task.

It doesn’t have to be! A myriad of online tools and a wide selection of highly experienced real estate agents can help make your search for a home simple, no matter how far you have to move. Real estate agents are very familiar with the current market and can help ensure you find a home that meets your needs at a fair price. Just be sure you have your finances ready, whether that’s pre-approval for a mortgage or proof of funds to pay in full.

Before you put in any offers on homes, make sure you know about the Philly area the home is in. Your realtor can help you discover things like crime rate, school quality, and pet policies.

Pack Smart

You can break your packing tasks down into more manageable pieces. The first thing to do is get a stack of boxes, labels, and markers. If you have fragile items, you will also want bubble wrap and packing paper. For items like dishes, you can find special-made packing boxes to help protect them during your move.

Next, make a list of any items you need to pack last. For example, if you have paper plates, then you don’t have to wait to pack your dishes. But if you need to cook, your pans need to stay out.

Next, pick a room to start with. Clean as you pack to make both tasks more manageable and ensure your items will be clean when you get to your new home. This is also a great time to sort through your belongings and see if there is anything you don’t want to keep.

Start with smaller items in the room and then work your way up. As you pack, label your boxes so you know where everything is and can find it easily if needed.

Donations and Resale

If you have items that are in good shape but simply taking up space, you don’t need to throw them away. Some items you can resell for a spot of extra cash while you move; you can also donate items to a thrift store or charity shop. You get a tax break depending on how much you donate, and the items are sold at low prices to people on tight budgets.

Work Smart

A lot of companies exist to make your move hassle-free, so consider budgeting to pay for some handy help. You could work with a moving company to safely transport all your items or hire a cleaning company to ensure your new home, your old home, or both are in tip-top shape. You could also work with a landscaper for any yard work in preparation for selling or moving.

A real estate agent will be your best ally when trying to move or sell, and a home warranty is a great investment to protect your new home. Just make sure to do your due diligence on any services you want to hire. Check reviews, business licenses, and more.

Wrapping Up

Moving doesn’t have to be painful. Make use of helpful online tools and professional services, and break every task down into bite-size pieces for a more manageable process. No matter your reason for moving, the process itself can be an absolute breeze. Enjoy your new home, and check out everything your new Philly neighborhood has to offer.

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