Everyone likes to travel, don’t they? Well, going to your grandparents in the countryside is not really the kind of travel one would think of as “exotic”, but in this day and age, traveling to a sunny beach on a remote island or seeing far away cultures to their fullest extent is just a plane ticket away. Besides deciding on where to go you should also consider what to pack to have the best possible experience there. Check out travooo.com for more travel tips.

Luckily, today there is a plethora of guides, shops, and checklists that are abundantly available online which can help you with planning, and here are some of the best.

Top Exotic Travel Destinations

Various lists exist that can give us a good idea of what will be this season’s exciting destinations, and most of them agree that going to sunny, historic, culturally rich places next to the sea is the way to go. What most travelers want is to escape the hustle of their everyday city landscape and get to enjoy some leisure time in a picturesque far away paradise.

Something to consider is all the people worldwide that travel at the same time they work. How do they manage to enjoy their destination and still report to their work colleagues and keep on top of things? What’s more, how to get fast wifi anywhere? ‘That’s impossible,’ many may argue back. However, there are multiple ways you, as a traveler, can overcome this and don’t stop your journey. The results? You end up nurtured both professionally and culturally at the end.

Historic sites along the Adriatic coast in Europe, such as Dubrovnik or Kotor, were popular locations since long ago and continue to be to this day, especially because of their competitive prices. Locally sourced food, stone buildings, and rich local history can make a fairy tale out of your vacation.

On the other hand – isolated island resorts are becoming the next best thing, where an all-inclusive package is usually offered. Fiji, Taha, Seychelles, and the like are all great, yet frequently exclusive, locations. Such a holiday is perfect for a honeymoon or as a chance for love birds to better get to know each other.

Another good option is a modern-day safari, one where we can value animals and African scenery on its own, without a need to hunt big-game animals. Although they’ve acquired a bad reputation for their history of cruelty by western tourists – the tide is turning. They are still being organized, but a lot less bloody, and those with a deep enough pocket can experience a luxurious vacation that will leave them feeling as if they are in a movie.

What To Bring

Your holiday luggage is the second most important thing you will be bringing with you when you travel, right after your passport and money. A good checklist is imperative, and it depends on your preferences and where you plan to go.

Are you going hitchhiking? Surfing? Only relaxing? The gear and clothing you are carrying will change accordingly.

Always check beforehand what the weather report says: no one wants to go on a rainy holiday, but it is far worse to find yourself on one without a raincoat than to bring one when expecting a storm.

If we are talking about places where one doesn’t think of rain at all it is also good to buy appropriate clothing before you go. If you are planning to go to the beaches and sunny areas to do some fun activities, Going surfing, for example, the folks at https://www.southernman.com.au/ explained that it is far better off if you can get your hands on a reliable surfing board while preparing for the journey than to have to pick a used one or rent a board at a beach vendor.

And what about a safari? The traditional khaki clothing, large brimmed hats, and desert shoes are a must for such conditions. 

Backpackers are a different story – usually prepared to carry everything they have at once on their back, they are happier with as little as possible but with a very reliable backpack. One should be on the lookout for those that have wide straps, anatomic back support, and a very good zipper!

Those that are also camping will want to acquire one that has a waterproof covering, as it just might happen the backpack won’t be able to squeeze into the tent.

Don’t Forget To Enjoy Yourself

At the end of the day what matters is that you enjoy yourself as much as you can when on holiday. Want to make a sandcastle instead of swimming? Go and make it! Want to read a book instead of sightseeing? Lean back and relax.

Gear, clothing, and even location are meaningless if you are holding yourself back so planning it well can really make the experience more enjoyable. Exotic traveling should be as fun as you want it to be, with a chance of adventure and an adrenaline rush behind every corner.

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