Think you are crossing a road at the time of a red signal, and you are walking through zebra crossing. Suddenly a car came and collided with you and injured you! What would it feel then! What to do! And where to get treatment! So many questions arise after an accident happens. Think again, you survive the accident, but the treatment cost makes your life challenging, and your career is at stake! Then what will be the solution!  Is it possible to get back to life again? Today I will answer all these questions below. Just stick to the article.

Personal Injury

Personal injury can occur in many ways, like fighting or accidents. The first thing after getting the personal injury is to make yourself stable first. Don’t be panicked. If you are hurt seriously, then just make a call at the national emergency service. Neither of you is hurt at minor then you have a lot of things to do. Firstly get a first aid treatment. Then the following procedures are mentioned below:

Contact Information

Collect the contact information of the convict or the partner of the accident. That will make ease all the other processes in the future. And make a note of them with time and date. In case of an accident, you would note down the car’s registration number. The direction and location are also important. Do not miss them to write down on the notepad.

Take photograph

If you have a smartphone or android with the camera, then not miss taking photographs of,

  1. Location of the accident
  2. Damage type
  3. Injury Type
  4. The direction of the accident
  5. The main reasons behind accident if there is any
  6. Try to take pictures of informative things like registration numbers of cars etc

Try to take photographs as much as possible because they will play a role as evidence in the hearings.

Call the police

Then you have to call the police to inform them. After a time, the local authority will arrive and will analyze the incident. They will ask the local witnesses to find out the good reasons behind the accident or the injury. Collect the police statement as they are also important.


Go to the nearest hospital to make sure of your physical condition. See a doctor and do tests if needed. If the injury is significant and costly, collect all the reports and take a certificate from the doctor called a “Medical Certificate”. Collect all the billings. And try to estimate your medical expenses.

Hire a lawyer

To open a case file, you have to hire a lawyer who is an expert in handling these cases. He is an expert in this sector. You may have a look at the Red Deer injury lawyer to find out the most suitable lawyer for your case. Share all the things with him and make sure that you are not missing any essential points. Then he will make calculations of estimated compensation for the accident or the injury, which will also cover your future treatment expenses. If you are permanently damaged, and that will harm your career. Then you have to write a statement describing that how it is affecting your life quality. The direction should be taken from the lawyer.

As the lawyer is professional and skilled. So do not do anything without informing him, neither give any statement. He will support you and make the situation help you.

Before hiring the lawyer, just clarify the payment procedure he is demanding—some of the lawyer charges on the percentage of the total compensation. So You have to ensure the rate.

End Notes

Having a road accident or injury is a common thing nowadays. So you have to know the good things you have to do after getting injured or having an accident. Because you might act as a helpful hand if any of your loving ones face this kind of situation. Just keep the mental condition stable and take decisions by taking advice from the lawyers. Neither your wrong decision can turn life into low-quality life without getting the compensation which you very much need in this financial condition.

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