There is no place like home, whether you own a big apartment or a small one. It is a place where you can feel relaxed and comfortable no matter what your day looks like. Therefore, it is just right that you maintain it clean, organized, and free from dust. However, let’s admit it, no one likes cleaning. Squeezing a bit of time in cleaning amidst a busy schedule is hard to achieve. For one, don’t panic. If you want to know how to maintain your premises clean and free from all dirt, you are on the right page. Here are some excellent tips to keep your premises clean and live comfortably.

Do Your Chores

Make it a habit to do your chores every day, whether it’s washing the dishes or taking out the garbage to the bin room. You can create a list of what needs to be done daily or what can be done a few times in a month; it will help you save some time. It would be helpful as well if you make a reminder to your phone or post a sticky note to your fridge that tells you what chores you have to accomplish today. If you decide to deep clean your house or apartment, but you don’t have enough time to manage all these, it would be wise to hire a cleaning service. This is also a perfect solution if you don’t own the proper cleaning materials.


They say that life can be a lot easier when things are organized and less messy. If you have a lot of things that you no longer need or want, try to sell them out online or get rid of them. You may also donate this stuff to people who might need them the most instead of throwing them out. Go through your things. The most cluttered area is the perfect place for you to start and begin segregating them based on their purpose. By decluttering your things, it is easier for you to clean next time because you get rid of stuff that no longer brings a spark to your life, and it would be a lot easier to clean your premises when you decided to clean.


It stands for Clean As You Go. The key to keeping your premises clean and organized is to keep them neat and tidy at all times. Do not ever let dirt and other small particles get out of your sight. Whether you are cleaning your bedroom as you eat your dinner or putting away raw ingredients in the garbage bin after cooking your meal, keeping smaller messes at your premises will make your cleaning moments less stressful and enjoyable. According to some house cleaning experts, you are more likely to clean if you are not overwhelmed by the pile of things you see along the way.

Check on Surfaces

These areas are the favorite spot of unwanted dust and dirt. They pick up a lot of mess and clutter at the same time. When you are cleaning your premises, give focus on your tables, cabinets, and kitchen counters. When these surfaces are clean and free from dirt, your apartment will look nice and maintained.

Maintaining clean and organized premises should not be so dreadful. You have to set a time and go for it. If you are really busy with your work and sweeping your floor can be so difficult for you, hire someone to get the job done for you.

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