Buying a vacation rental property is half the battle, the other half involves maintaining it and keeping it desirable. When this is done correctly your property will thrive and so will your bank account. If you are thinking about getting into the vacation rental industry you have come to the right place.

Here are 5 tips on how to maintain a vacation rental property and keep it desirable.

1. Keep a List of Quality Contractors

First things first, you will want to do some research of the area where your rental is located and find some reliable and reputable contractors. Take note of the numbers/emails of a plumber, electrician, and general handyman to deal with maintenance. You never know what a problem is going to arise and so you want to be prepared and have these contacts ready to go. Owning a vacation rental is a good investment, but only if you look after it and part of that is having quality contractors take care of the property when things go wrong. Take the time to cross-reference reviews and ask locals in the area if they have any recommendations.

2. Use A Reliable Cleaning Service

Another way to ensure your property is well-kept and desirable is to hire a reliable cleaning service. Once again, consider asking locals in the area which your rental property is located for recommendations for any trustworthy cleaning companies or housekeepers. If that doesnโ€™t work out then check out companies online that work within the area and make sure to look for ones with good reviews. Thereโ€™s no point wasting your time with mediocre companies as they will leave your property in a mediocre state which just doesn’t cut it for a rental property.

One of the most important components of a successful rental property is how it is presented, and cleanliness is a big part of that. If you are receiving negative reviews that are saying your property was not clean, then this can be extremely damaging and difficult to overcome. This point is more important than ever due to the ongoing coronavirus situation as disinfecting and cleaning need to be done properly to meet safety standards and to help guests feel at ease.

3. Install A Home Security System

To keep your vacation rental safe you might want to consider installing a home security system. This is especially useful if you are managing your property long-distance as your rental is likely to be empty from time to time and there wonโ€™t always be someone around to keep it secure. In todayโ€™s tech-savvy world you can have surveillance cameras, motion sensors, and burglar alarms all connected to your mobile phone and so if there is ever a problem you can check the live footage and alert the police immediately.

However, if you do choose to install a home security system, then this is something you will have to inform all of your guests on. Some guests will not feel comfortable due to concerns over privacy and data protection, but if you inform them before they arrive/ book then this will filter out any guests with an issue.

4. Consider Hiring A Property Manager

It is common practice that if you live far away from your rental property that you hire someone to take care of / manage the property. Hiring a property manager is important and it deserves your full attention when it comes to the hiring stage as this person will act as the emergency contact for guests during their stay. Additionally, some property managers will take charge of hiring gardeners to keep everything in check and orderly. Additionally, depending on the agreement you have with your manager, some will deal with odd jobs around the property themselves. Having someone nearby the property and watching over it can be a godsend and it really helps with the turnover process of guests checking in and out.

5. Provide A Welcome Book

This last point is less essential and more of a bonus point for you to consider and adding a welcome book into your rental property will make guests feel at home and feel valued as customers. A welcome book can include tips on the best places to eat nearby, tourist attractions, shops and bars within walking distance, and so on. A simple gesture such as this goes a long way and it will help to secure better reviews.

If you take care of your vacation rental property then it will take care of you in return. Use these 5 tips to maintain your property and keep it looking desirable.

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