Parties are the ultimate gathering place to show off one’s achievements, status and their taste in fashion. Shopping for party wear can be extremely draining as shopping stores don’t really do justice for the amount you pay for clothing. If you really want to stand out and impress the crowd, you might want to re-look at your party style again.

Let’s see how you can liven up your Fashion sense at a Party by understanding what suits you.

The Neon Match

Neon Party Dress

As South Asians, our skin color always plays a major role when it comes to choosing colours for clothes.  If you’re towards the darker tone, bright neon shades would not be your best friend. Our advice would be stick to general shades of colours. Even Red would look nice, but a neon red is a big NO!

On the other hand, if you’re tan, anything would go well. Try livening your fashion sense up a bit by mixing your wardrobe with neon colour clothes. If it’s a red carpet event, you’d be spot on. And if your skin is quite pale, and you really need to be seen more alive than a vampire, neon would do you perfect justice.

Spandex & Sequins Bodycons

Ah! Dresses! Where to begin?

Sequins Bodycons

We girls will find some excuse to buy dresses at a store, even when there’s no need. But what type of material would you wear for a particular occasion. Introducing to you, Spandex and Sequins fashion. Although the Kardashians love flaunting their perfect curves in Spandex bodycons, we are body-conscious about ourselves. Time to look past that.

If you think and know your body can handle spandex, try wearing one for a party. And if you’re still not confident, but you want to make sure you stand out above the rest, opt for a sequin studded bodycon. You’d look amazing


Concerve Party Dress

We must agree, heels are a little overrated when it comes to party wear. Unless you’re going for a corporate event or a Gala event, during which heels are a necessity. At other instances such as a night out with the gang, or a casual clubbing night, you can spice up your fashion sense by matching your mini dress with a converse.

You wouldn’t look tall, but would definitely stand out from the rest. Plus, if the need arises, you can easily run with a pair of sneakers than in a stiletto.

Ankle Boots

Ankle Boots

We would prefer ankle boots over uncomfortable pumps. Not only do they give a unique prominence to your figure, they also give out the vibe of ‘I’m not trying too hard’. So girls of the 21st century, this is our style.

Wrapping Up

Fashion – at the end of the day, rests in your hands. But understanding the trends and what fits best in different occasions would help you look more fabulous and modest. So don’t shy away at your next party. Look your best and stand out from the rest!

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