When you live with too much stuff around you, chances are you feel your mind is a bit cluttered too. The best way to deal with the amount of stuff crowding your home and making it difficult to clear is also likely to be a good way to clear your thoughts.  From storage and shelving to clever methods of sorting the precious from the debris, these tidying tips will help you keep your house clean and clutter-free.

Commit first to decluttering

Keeping a tidy house when you have much clutter is impossible or feels like it is. You are constantly fighting against the tide of things that collect dust and make a space look chaotic even after you have finished your chores. While there are all sorts of storage solutions, which we will explore soon, you are likely going to have to be ruthless to overcome any sense of being overwhelmed you feel.

The Japanese Kon Mari method helps you to keep what is most precious and to find a new home for the rest. It is a simple matter of touching each item and gauging the emotional reaction to the object. If there is none, and you know of no practical purpose for the object, then it needs to go.

There are piles you can create of the objects that help you know what to do with them. The first are those you know you want to keep. The second is those you can give to charity, and the third can be recycled. You want to keep the throw-away pile to a minimum, and you might want to consider an upcycling pile to minimise waste as you declutter.

Maximise Storage

If you have a small home, it is more important than ever to be imaginative with your storage. Yet, even in a larger space, your storage can be used to maximise the style of your home. When choosing where to put things, you must consider how often the items will be in use. Some rarely used appliances can go to the back of cupboards, and smaller items could be organised in pretty boxes.

Two items that can revolutionise your home and make cleaning so much easier? Cheap storage jars and drawer organisers. These small purchases can keep your cupboards and drawers in order and save you a mountain of stress!

Shoe storage by the door

A no-shoe-in-the-house policy feels draconian but can save much cleaning of mud, dirt and debris carried into your home and onto your clean floors. If you have a large family, you must invest in a shoe rack or a shoe bench to store these. A mountain of shoes toppling over in the hallway and blocking the entrance will quickly become stressful. So, doing something to wrangle these shoes is going to be essential.

Make it a family commitment

Three good reasons for getting the whole family involved in cleaning the house. First, why should you be responsible for cleaning up after them? Second, if they know they will have to clean up, they are less likely to make a mess. Finally, it is a good example for children who will benefit from learning about responsibility, accountability, and the fairness of everyone pitching in to help. You can always reward children for their chores, showing them how work is linked to the objects we want in life.

Before you think children need time to play, also think about how much they will respect being given extra responsibilities.

Clean as you go

Cleaning and tidying become an issue when it is a big job. Storing cleaning up to one day a week makes that one day a bind. Therefore, when you have finished in an area and are ready to move on with your day, give the space youโ€™ve inhabited a quick tidy up and clean down.

So, you could ask everyone to put things back where they came from once they have been used. You can also insist that when a person leaves a room, they always take something with them that needs putting away or washing up. Simple rules like this can make all the difference, as the dirty cups disappear and the laundry is put away efficiently.


There is nothing here revolutionary. These hints and tips are founded in common sense, and they are often easier said than done. However, with some initial decluttering, some sound storage purchases and then a set of rules that are easy to follow, you can have a clean and tidy home.

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