Does your dog have the tendency of eating cat food? Does your cat wince hopelessly because when she finally comes to the food bowl, it is empty and has to stay angry? Does your dog eat both its food and the food of your CAT? Have you ever taken a sting that you might consider preventing your dog from devouring your cat’s food, and were fruitless?

Did you try to yell, shout, and possibly beat your dog because he kept doing it? Is it true that you are just FED UP? Calm down, I’ll help you keep your dog from devouring your cat’s food. If your dog has stopped eating your cat food at this time, read these tips carefully to prevent your dog from taking your cat’s food in future either.

Ok, let us see some of the tips

1. Bring the cat food into a separate room

The best way to protect your dog from eating cat food is to move the cat food to another room where your dog is unlikely to have access. If your dog is larger, it can work to set up an entrance that your cat can jump over without much effort. If your dog is much taller, it may make more sense to insert a small crease in the door. In this sense, your cat still has free access to her food, but not the dog.

2. Store bowl of your cat at a higher point

If you do not have another room that can be used for the cat food, you may need to try to place the cat food on a higher surface such as a counter or bookshelf. Cats usually do not have a problem when it comes to jumping high places, but your dog will.

3. Invest in a cat eating box

If your dog and cat are about the same size, it certainly will not work. Whenever possible, try to find a box of cat that it eat in and out of, but excludes your dog.

4. Try not to forget the food

If there is cat food that is left unattended for the duration of the day, your dog will have a lot of chances to sneak around and eat at some time. Try to keep your cat food at a safer place after your cat is satisfied. Any food they could not eat completed the process of eating.

5. Try to change dog food brands

It is also possible that there is something in the current dog food brand that simply does not suit your dog that is forcing him to like the cat food. While this may mean that you need an increasingly expensive brand, it could also mean that your old dog food made you feel uncomfortable.

6. Make a feeding schedule for both pets

This would guarantee that both are satisfied, and if you follow a similar feeding time, both would rush to their own bowls and not bother about the other food.

7. Try Electronic dog door control

You can also use an electronic dog door to make sure your dog does not eat any more cat food. This allows you to avert a room to keep the two separate. You can keep both bowls on each side so that they are far apart when eating.

8. Training

As with your dog, you can condition him so that he cannot feed on the cat food. In fact, this is not the simplest approach on the planet, but over time and perseverance, this is doable.  

This can be more strenuous if you havenโ€™t recently trained your dog with the help of food. But you can do this with food that the dog loves more. If you find it difficult, you can talk to an experienced dog trainer or a dog behaviorist.

Last note

We all know the peace that accompanies the pets that know each other and come to an agreement, but it is very crucial to train each not to each from others bowl. This is a guarantee that you will have no extra cost. Moreover, It is useful for their personal wellbeing because both bodies have different dietary supplement needs.

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