With screens absorbing over three hours of our attention per day, quality family time has never been more important. All the sources of amusement that we have in our homes has made the standard for entertainment go way up.

Children are especially harder to please as the outdoors has become less appealing when they have all kinds of activities they can do indoors, along with being able to socialize with friends virtually. Not to fear—find all the information you need to gear up for a family adventure right here.

Create an Itinerary

If you’re planning a family getaway, then you’ll want to plan out every step of the journey so that you can get the very most out of the trip. For busy parents who are balancing work and children, this can be time-consuming and somewhat overwhelming. The travel gurus from AustinAdventures.com can complete this step for you’d prefer to spare yourself the hassle. Otherwise, you’ll need to decide on all the destinations you’ll be traveling to, what activities to do while you’re there, and how much time you should spend on each.

Make sure you take into account downtime. Cranky kids (or parents!) are no joyride, so it’s a good idea to leave spaces in between activities for rest and relaxation. Fun in the sun will always leave everyone more tuckered out than something that’s indoors, so take that into consideration as well.

Make It Personal

You’ll never be able to please everyone in the family 100% of the time. On the other hand, you can please everyone at different junctions of the trip, and there’s no reason why you should try to work in at least one activity that specifically caters to each person in the family. If little Sally has an obsession with dolphins, then giving her a chance to swim with them would create unforgettable memories that would last longer than any souvenir.

Pack Light, But Be Prepared

The best trips will require you to move around from spot to spot. You don’t want to be stuck lugging around tons of baggage. You’ll have to find that golden ratio of being prepared, but not overdoing it. There’s a lot of things, mostly toiletries, that you’re better off bringing to avoid spending higher prices for them in all the tourist spots you’ll be visiting. Make sure you bring the right clothes—white water rafting and hiking aren’t as fun if you don’t bring the right outdoor apparel.

Limit Screen Time, But Utilize Apps

Obviously, everyone in the family should be taking a much-needed break from screens during your adventure. You’ll be tempted to use your phone when you’re in transit to different places. But ask yourself this—what did families do when they didn’t have phones and tablets to distract them when they were on long journeys? If you’re absorbed in your device during all those traveling hours, then you’ll rob yourself and your children of the joy that comes from talking, singing, and games that families used to love.

With all that being said, use your phone for the things that it’s designed for—making your life easier. There are tons of apps that have transformed the way people travel for the better. Ask the locals what are the most popular discount apps for their area. You can save heaps of cash by little discounts at restaurants.

Take a Course

Vacation is for relaxing, but it’s also for bonding. Learning a new skill, like how to paint a skyline or how to make a clay pot, can create unique memories that will stand out amongst the rest. There’s a reason why so many couples take dance or cooking classes together. It brings them closer. So why not try it with your kids?

Get in Touch with Nature

Most people are indoors these days much more than they used to be. Family getaways should not just be a getaway from work and responsibilities, but from the norm as well. Break away from your typical habits by incorporating some outdoor activities into your trip. Camping has been known to bring out everyone’s true colors, but it’s not the only option there is. If you’ve got adrenalin junkies for kids, then consider ziplining or snorkeling. Both will result in a greater appreciation for the beauty of nature.

Next time you’re planning a family adventure, take the time to map out the steps, and prepare for each one. Seek out destinations and activities that will build interest in each family member right from the start and you’re bound for some grade-A bonding time.

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