A gender-reveal party is a type of celebration where the expecting couple will find out (and sometimes announce to friends and family) if they’re having a baby boy or girl.

It can be done in various creative and interesting ways like by revealing either a blue or pink cake inside, usually iced in white with pink or blue dots, representing the baby’s gender, or bursting balloons, or even having an airplane spray flower petals or a flag of a color revealing the baby’s gender. A gender reveal party is an extremely exciting and joyous event that calls for its guest to be rightly prepared to celebrate with the new parents.

When choosing a gender reveal gift, it is essential to consider the couple’s preferences. It is also best to know if they already have a registry at their favorite department store or baby boutique.

Best Gifts for Mommy-to-Be in Gender Reveal Party

Here are some of the best gifts for a gender reveal party.

Personalized Onesies/Rompers

According to statistics, the global maternity wear market size was valued at $18.3 billion in 2018. It is anticipated to expand at a rate of 4.3 percent from 2019 to 2025.

If mommy-to-be is still wearing rompers herself, one can never go wrong with personalized onesies/rompers for the baby.

It will make them even more special and unique.

Basic Baby Essentials

Baby essentials can be bought anywhere and everywhere, so it’s best to buy them in bulk. You can buy diapers, baby powder and lotion, shampoo, body wash, and all the things they need to keep their baby smelling fresh, clean, and dry!

Personalized Pacifiers/Sucking Toys

Pacifiers with engraved messages such as “I love you,” “I’m your first gift,” or even names would make an excellent gender reveal gift, especially if given together with other gifts like diaper bags and bottles โ€“ practically the whole nine months’ shopping list.

Baby Blankets

Soft, warm baby blankets are great gifts for mommies-to-be who are due in winter. However, customizing it with the baby’s birth year is a nice touch because they can keep these little personalized treasures even when they grow up!

Meanwhile, expectant mothers in warmer seasons may appreciate receiving handkerchiefs or towels instead.

Cute Slippers/Booties

Slippers and booties are adorable accessories, especially when given to mommy-to-be in her third trimester when she’s suffering from swollen feet!

These comfy slippers are easy to slip on, fun to wear around the house while lounging and taking care of the baby, and serve as an excellent addition to the other gifts!

Stuffed Animals

Stuffed animals have always been one of the cutest gifts to give babies, so it’s no surprise that stuffed toy versions are also perfect for giving mommies-to-be.

If possible, insert a recording device inside it with an endearing message for the baby so the expecting mother can play it to the baby whenever sheโ€™d like to.

Baby Gifts Basket

The gender-reveal gift idea is two gifts in one! It includes all the items above plus much more, like bottles, toys, and accessories.

This gift is very thoughtful because all that mommy-to-be has to do after the party is put these pieces into her registry list at her favorite department store or boutique, then sit back and relax. It can save the parents a lot of time and money in shopping for these items themselves and thus makes up for a perfect gift which they would appreciate.

Nursery Decorations

It is especially perfect for expecting mothers who have decided on their baby’s room color or theme weeks before their due date!

You can also give her decorating ideas through printed photos of inspiration pieces you’ve collected during your hunts around town.

There are plenty of options to choose from when deciding on the right gift for mommy-to-be in a gender reveal party.  Make a thoughtful choice to bless the new parents and the newly born to make this beautiful event in their life special and joyful.

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