Keeping your toddler within your reach while you go shopping, to the park, or for a casual walk in the neighborhood can be tedious, especially if your little one is energetic and restless.

This is where a stroller for big kids comes in handy. It is an essential accessory thatโ€™ll help you secure your child to a comfortable seat, ensuring their safety.

However, if youโ€™re a new parent, the sheer number of stroller options available in the market may be overwhelming. So, here are some factors to help you narrow down your options and make your decision easier.

Check the Size of the Stroller

An essential aspect that you must check while buying a stroller for big kids is the size. It depends on your child’s height and weight.

You must also remember that your child will continue to grow every month, and buy a stroller thatโ€™s big enough to last at least a year or more.

Look for Strollers with Easy Maneuvering and Flexibility

It is imperative to check the frame and maneuverability of the stroller before you buy one. The frame should be sturdy and durable.

You can put some weight or make your child sit and steer it along to check the maneuverability. It should be comfortable and easy to push around, including turning, because the aisles in some stores may be narrow, and you will need a stroller thatโ€™s easy to maneuver.

You must also remember to check that the stroller has a solid locking mechanism thatโ€™s easy to engage and disengage with one leg or hand.

Select the Right Kind of stroller for Your Big Kid

If youโ€™re looking for a stroller for big kids, you must know that there are numerous options available in the market. Some common types of big-kid strollers are umbrella strollers, a double stroller, a jogging stroller, a full-sized stroller, or a wagon cart.

Based on your budget and requirement, you can select the best type of pushchair for your growing child.

Choose a Stroller that Suits your Lifestyle and Needs

If you are an adventure buff, then you must buy a sturdy joggers stroller for your preschooler. These come with high-quality wheels which can be easily pushed around on rough terrains.

If you need a stroller for short-distance car rides daily, then you can buy a convertible model. This accessory can be easily converted as a car seat, is foldable, and lightweight.

You can carry it for your everyday errands safely and effortlessly.

Check for the Additional Features

Strollers for big children are expensive. Hence, you must buy one with added features if you want full value for your money. Some basic features that you can look out for when choosing a stroller are:

  • Reclining seat – which allows your kid to sleep peacefully during a long journey.
  • A one-handed foldable stroller – that can be easily handled faster.
  • Washable fabric – to maintain hygiene.
  • A sun canopy – to keep your child safe from bright sunlight.
  • An adjustable handlebar – to ensure both parents can push around comfortably.
  • Safety features – like harnesses and belts to ensure your child is secured at all times.

Check for Certification from the Manufacturer

Top brands in the US sell baby strollers with the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association certification. It ensures that the kid accessory is safe for your child. Remember to check for this certification from your manufacturer when you buy a stroller.

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