A lot of people want to get rid of waste without having to go through so much stress. This is why many earnestly scout online for the best skip hire service, which aside being easily accessible, saves them the whole stress of having to deal with huge piles of household waste, on their own.

If you happen to fall into this category, do not worry. This article promises to provide you with the parameters you need to consider in order to get the best skip hire services easily at your disposal.

How much waste is to be disposed of?

When hiring a skip provider, one of the factors to note is the size of your trash as this would determine the size of skip you would be hiring.

The size of your bin coupled with the size of the skip the company has to offer, will determine how much you would be spending on the whole, as skips come in various sizes.

For instance, the sizes of skips available can cover from 2 yards(mini skips) to about 40 yards (Roll-on roll-off skips).

All of these depend on whether the rubbish to be disposed of is merely household trash or trash from refurbishings, construction sites or industrial waste.

This is why it is wise to hire a size slightly bigger than your waste as overflowing skips are quite unsightly and unsafe.

Compare prices

Firstly, skips cost some substantial amount of money. This is because they save you the stress of separating your waste into sections, dumping them at waste dump sites and repeating the whole process again through multiple trips back and forth.

But, be aware that It’s possible to get hoodwinked into spending so much on skip hire, which could have come at an affordable price and still meet up with the right standards, elsewhere.

Some companies really go overboard with their prices. This is why comparing prices is highly necessary.

Online availability

Physically booking the services of your skip hire provider is simply unnecessary, especially in an era where almost everything can be done online. Therefore such a company must be efficient online.

This means you can easily submit an enquiry form by navigating through their website and book your skip hire online.

Reputable Customer Service

Customer support is very essential. This means that you have to ensure that the skip provider has a good record for quality customer service.

This would ensure that the possibility of you being stuck when you have a number of queries, is avoided.

Adherence to proper rules and regulations for waste disposal

When it comes to waste disposal, especially in a large mass that requires skip hire services, there are rules every skip provider must adhere to. One of such being the recycling policy.

When researching a reliable skip company, make sure they have a depot for recycling their waste. This is because making use of landfills as opposed to recycling depots is utterly hazardous to the general wellbeing of the community.

Environment-friendly skip hire service

It is crucial for you to hire a skip hire service that operates an eco-friendly junk removal service. Proper management of waste would help preserve the environment and keep everyone healthy. You should engage any skip hire service that promotes an eco-friendly service because you can be sure that beyond taking care of your garbage, they care about you.


To get the best skip hire service, you need to ensure you are disposing of the right garbage and the skip hire company has a great reputation as evident from raving reviews. Ultimately, the best skip hire service can save you a lot of unwanted stress at the most affordable rate.

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