Trees in a wild and natural landscape are without a doubt beautiful and adding a tree or two to your garden can enhance its overall beauty.ย  Sadly many people think maintaining trees is really hard work, so they donโ€™t plant them, often removing them. While trees are not completely maintenance free, they are not as difficult to look after as you think. A little arboriculture knowledge will help you enhance your garden tremendously. Tree maintenance is just like maintaining plants. It needs a little knowledge and aย  bit of effort to keep them alive and healthy. Once youโ€™re aware of the know-how, your garden can have incredible trees. Hereโ€™s how arboriculture can enhance your garden.

It might be tough to understand where to begin with Plant care if you donโ€™t know where to start. But youโ€™ll notice all the amazing benefits of being a plant parent once you understand the basics of plant care and establish a routine.

Low maintenance

When it comes to trees, there are hundreds of species, so choosing what tree you want can be a bit daunting! Think about what you want the tree for and narrow your choice down from there. Some trees provide shade, some provide security, and others are just for decoration. However, not all of them need the same maintenance, and not all of them can survive at any temperature. Arboriculture will teach you to understand what type will suit your needs, location, and most importantly, your lifestyle. If you already have a garden full of small plants and shrubs, you might think planting a tree is fairly simple. What you need to research or ask your garden center is, where the tree you bought will flourish. Some trees are good in shade, others need full sun, some need to be planted in summer and some in spring, and, of course, how you want to add to the look of your garden. Other things you need to understand is how big it will grow, and what sort of root system it has. Once you can answer those questions, you know exactly where to plant.

Cutting Down (Felling)

Arboriculture is not only about planting and maintaining your trees, it also includes information for removing them. Even though they provide shade, and improve the quality of air, sometimes, removing existing trees can be the way to enhance the beauty of your outdoor space. However, once you take the decision of removing or cutting them down, you should have knowledge on how to do it properly, without ruining your garden, the tree itself, and other plants surrounding it. This requires certain tools and equipment.

It is a prudent idea to have a professional arborist on hand to consult and contract to keep a check on your garden.  Because they are qualified and can check the health of your garden and trees. A tree service is not just for trimming and pruning, they are there to help you remove trees safely and in an environmentally friendly manner, should you want to change the position of your tree or get rid of it altogether. If your tree is preventing your plants from growing or it has grown too big for your garden, then hiring an arborist is your best option to ensure safe removal.

The Gardenโ€™s Overall Health

Having enough knowledge on how to nurture your trees or hiring an arborist is beneficial to your whole garden and not just the trees. During the planting or maintenance process, you can aerate your soil to allow water, air, and useful nutrition to seep in and improve your lawn. When enough air and water is delivered to the grass and other plants in your outdoor space, it will automatically make roots grow deeper and stronger. By doing this, your lawn will grow healthier and able to stand different temperatures. Having a healthy lawn will not only reduce the maintenance process but will also enhance your garden so you can enjoy a beautiful landscape.

Arboriculture is not easy, but itโ€™s necessary for anyone who wants to have trees in their outdoor area. If you’re hiring an arborist, do a little research on where they have worked before, so you know they are qualified and have the correct equipment to do a professional job. Do research yourself on which plants or trees are suitable, and whether or not they will thrive in your climate.. If you are going to do it yourself, make sure you understand what you are doing. If, however, you employ a professional arborist, they should get to know your style, why you need trees, and what other plants you are willing to have in the future. This information will help both you and the arborist create a landscape which you will gaze on with enjoyment and satisfaction for many years to come.

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