Putting is very important in any game of golf, and a putter is the most used club in the bag of any golfer. Yet, many golfers go for attractive putters that are only known for their brand. Putters are used very often on golf courses, that’s why golfers are supposed to pay a lot of attention to the type of putters they choose for their game. There are far too many styles and designs for putters on the market and all golfers should be professionally fitted for a putter that helps them play most efficiently. If you can’t choose yours, this article is sure to help. Here are the determining factors for choosing the most suitable putter for your golf game.

The Type of Putting Stroke

In order to go shopping for a new putter, you have to understand that different types of putters work each in their own way when it comes to your putting stroke and how you angle your putter. There are numerous types of putters on the market but there are two main styles for making a putting stroke. The type of your stroke determines which putter is most suitable for you. Golfers who use straight putting, the first style, make straight paths for their clubs and keep a very straight back-and-through, tend to angle the putter face square to the target. A slight arc stroke is when a golfer takes the club slightly back inside, returns to the ball at a square angle, and then hits the ball on a slight arc to the left. Depending on which stroke you use, you should be able to determine the type of putter you need.

The Head Style

To choose the perfect head style for your golf putter, you need to choose between mallet putters and blade putters. If you use a mallet putter, it means you get a little more forgiveness in terms of direction and roll, this is due to how the weight is distributed in mallet putters. Online reviews will be able to help you make up your mind on choosing between heel-and-toe weight distribution for arc strokes, and stability advancements that you can learn about if you visit RedBirdieGolf.com to understand how to choose your putter head style. Mallet putters are popular for multiple control and stability advancements added to their stroke features. They also offer a larger space on the mallet head to give golfers more room for creativity and customization options.

The Shaft Length

Usually, a PGA professional decides the ideal shaft length for you and helps you choose your putter. However, there is another way to estimate the length of your putter’s shaft. You just stand and address a regular putt as you would normally do in a golf game, then you drop a golf ball from your left eye. If the ball hits the stationary ball that you were going to hit if you were performing a real putt, then you have a perfectly sized shaft for your putter. If the ball lands between your feet and the stationary ball, then your putter’s shaft is too long for you to use. As a golfer, you must have your eyes above the ball as you take the proper posture of the game.

The Weight and Balance

Many people think that mallet putters weigh more than blade putters due to the size of the clubhead. However, it’s very common for mallet putters to be the same weight as blade ones. If you have a straight putting stroke, face-balanced putters will work great for you. They use the center of gravity to control strokes which leads to a limited opening on the backswing, as well as a limited close on the follow-through. This is what makes them better for straight putters rather than arc putters who need a lot of freedom on their backswing and follow-through.

A toe-balanced putter would be more suitable for players with arc putting strokes though. These putters allow for a lot more flexibility to the close and open of the clubface during the stroke. You’ll notice that most mallet putters out there focus the majority of their weight away from the face of the club. This is why a lot of players say that the weight distribution is better in blade putters, they say it provides more precision and control over the distance and feel of the club.

Picking a golf putter cannot be simply done without going over your golf game and making sure you know exactly how you’re going to use your putter. You have to identify your stroke style and know which clubhead serves it the best. You also have to choose one with proper weight distribution to adjust your straight or arc strokes efficiently and balance your hit.

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