If you’re wanting a custom wardrobe built into your home or closet area, then you’re in luck. Picking the right type of built-in wardrobe takes exceptional design and also is often called an armoire. What you need to consider however, is the style of wardrobe cabinet you’re wanting to build, and what you’ll be storing there. In this guide, we’ll give you some tips and advice that can help you design the perfect wardrobe you’ll need, and if you can’t do it, we’ll explain how the pros do it.

Measure Your Dimensions

You need to know that the general dimensions often are dependent of the designer of your custom wardrobe, however, there are things that need to be considered. You’re more than likely going to have a licensed contractor for an einbauschrank, as this may require some additional construction or reconstruction of things like your closet walls in order to get the most out of your design.

Choose Quality Materials Over Quantity

While there are many different materials that can be used for custom cabinetry, you’ll want to choose one that are meant to hold enough clothes and/or heavy garments without crashing to the floor or caving in. Try to avoid pressed wood or particle board at all costs, and go with nothing cheaper than plywood. Of course, if you’re wanting a great and sturdy product, having something such as a nice solid piece of hardwood and metal are great choices. Try to go for quality products when it comes to material, not those that will fall apart easily.

Your Design is Key

There are many common varieties in cabinets, and again this is something that both you and your wardrobe builder will have to be able to communicate on. Your design is indeed important, as if you’re going to have a lot of clothes hanging on hangers, you’re going to need more space for that. Consider what you’re going to need the most space for, and then go from there. By discussing with your designer, you can make sure that your design fits the exact needs of your storage space.

The Construction Methods

Believe it or not, how the wood or shelving is constructed is very important. Certain joints are indeed stronger than others, and you need to know that brackets and braces are going to be the best quality possible, so you’ll have the sturdiest shelves possible and can literally hold anything. Also, the mitering of corners and ensuring that you don’t have sharp corners is also important, to enhance not only the quality of your shelves, but also the safety.


If you’re looking for quality built-in shelves, you want to deeply consider hiring the right contractor. Make sure when you do, that they’re licensed and insured, as well as have the years of experience that can prove their worth. Many of the best designers of built-in wardrobes also have a portfolio that they can show you, and this is something that can also give you design ideas for your own home.

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