Cycling with your dog can be a lot of fun and highly beneficial, too. It allows you to get some exercise while walking your dog, helping both of you stay fit and healthy. However, cycling with your dog can be dangerous, as there are so many aspects you can’t control. You must make sure that your dog doesn’t suddenly run in front of your bike and get severely injured and that the leash doesn’t get tangled in the bike’s chain. You can end up putting your life, and others in danger if you are not careful. This article will explain how you can cycle safely with your dog.

Get to Know Your Dog

Before you consider cycling with your dog, there are many things to first keep in mind. It is important to know if your dog is suited for this type of activity, to begin with. If your dog is under 18 months old, small in size, or under 25 lbs, do not cycle with it; you can be putting its life in danger. The smaller the dog, the higher the possibility that it will be run over. Smaller dogs will also go at a slower pace and will only complete smaller distances than larger dogs. Senior dogs will also not be able to carry out this type of exercise. Never go near or beyond your dog’s limits when it starts lagging or going slowly behind you, then it is time to stop.

Dog Bike Trailers

If your dog prefers the scenery to exercise, consider purchasing a dog bike trailer or basket. Bike trailers are attached to the back of the bike and are pulled by it. The avid dog owners at explain that the trailer must be large enough for your dog to sit, lie down, and move around comfortably. Invest in one with a low center of gravity and a broad wheelbase if you opt for a large trailer. It is best to get one with a removable bottom, so it’s easier to clean. Ensure it has a cover to protect your dog from sunny summers and cold winters and that its top is large enough for your dog. Trailers with large wheels make for smoother rides. The dog trailer must have a safety harness, a safety strap, an automatic braking system, and highly visible materials.

Dog Bike Baskets

If you have a puppy, then a dog bike basket is the right choice for you. Ensure that the dog bike basket has a cover with a zipper, a leash, or a harness, to protect your puppy and stop it from jumping out. Baskets placed on the handlebars will make you feel more reassured as they allow you to keep an eye on your puppy. However, this makes steering harder. The basket can also fit on a back rack behind the seat.

Dog Bike Baskets
Image by Volker Glätsch from Pixabay

Safety Equipment

You must purchase essential equipment to guarantee your dog’s safety before going cycling, such as a non-tangle leash that won’t get tangled in the bicycle’s tires or chains. Attach the leash to a padded harness and not a collar to relieve the pressure off your dog’s neck. Tow leashes may be a safer option for cycling with your dog; they keep your dog in a heel position, beside you, will communicate any direction changes to your dog, and give you better stability.

Always be aware of your dog’s capabilities, obedience, and physical condition to determine if it will handle this type of activity. If you are unsure, consult a professional or a veterinarian. Cycling with a dog is recommended for dogs that are energized and hyperactive. If you feel like you need to take your dog for more than just a walk, then it is time you consider cycling with it. It is recommended to start slowly with your dog. Implement a faster pace or a longer distance gradually. Keep in mind that your dog’s paw can get hurt if it walks on asphalt for prolonged periods. If it’s hot outside, consider postponing the activity because its paws can get burnt. Moreover, only do this activity if your dog enjoys it. If you try it and your dog is resisting, then look for a different activity.

Cycling with your dog will be a fun activity for both of you. Although it can be dangerous if no safety measures are taken, these few tips we gathered will help keep you and your dog safe while cycling around the city or exploring the wonders of nature together.

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