Time really does fly when you are having a good time. In today’s busy lifestyle as people juggle multiple jobs, have personal and professional responsibilities to take care of, and are also busy with planning their future, having a pet is not only convenient but also intensely rewarding. While dogs did evolve from need when humans used them for protection and other services, that connection has since evolved from an employer and employee to genuine friendship. In today’s environment, most people have dogs not just for their love of dogs but also for their unique social abilities.

While they are still extremely protective animals to own, it is their friendly and playful nature that makes them an invaluable asset in any home. Even though dogs have a much smaller lifespan than humans, in the few years that we do have their company they quickly carve out a space in our minds and hearts. Even though you might have many dogs in your lifetime, a personโ€™s first dog is always extra special and holds a unique place. Rather than just having memories exist in your mind, here are a few creative ways in which you can keep your furry friends with you forever.

1. Create A Photo Album

As cameras have become commonplace items, nearly everyone with a phone has a camera, taking photos at any given time is also becoming the norm. However, many people donโ€™t invest the time to make the most of these photos and do something special with them that they can keep. Most people take photos and eventually delete them due to storage limitations or those photos stay on a hard drive and get forgotten. While digital photos do have their significance, there is something about holding a photo in your hand that is so much more personal. Getting your best photos printed out and made into a photo is not very expensive at all and you could even do it on your own at home if you have a good quality printer. You could also consider making digital albums and storing them in a specialized account where you know you have all your photos.

2. Create Pet-Centered Paraphernalia

Everything around us can serve as a memory or a store of memory. A piece of furniture, a certain shirt, a house, even a toy from your childhood. Just like physical photos, if you actually have something that you can hold in your hand it is that much more memorable. The creative graphic experts at Impersonate Me are of the opinion that if you are looking to make memorabilia about your pet, it should be something that you can use. This could be a mug, a blanket, or even a shirt, but having something that you can use is a great way to remember your furry friend who would always be following you around. However, you also have the option of something like a portrait or a wallpaper that you aren’t necessarily using all the time but it is always visible and helps make it feel like your furry buddy is still around.

3. Preservation

If you want to take things a step further and you donโ€™t mind some DIY on your deceased pet, then maybe body preservation will work for you. Sure, you could preserve your pet in its original form but there are a few other things that you can use the carcass for that makes for a slightly more interesting memory. Taxidermy is nothing new or fancy, it has been used for thousands of years, and even the ancient Egyptians were mummifying their pets to continue their relationship in the next life. If you are short on space you can get your pet preserved in a way that you can hang it up on the wall or you could even just keep a portion of the entire carcass.

They say that you only realize what you have once itโ€™s gone, and this couldnโ€™t be truer for our pets. No matter how annoying they are and how much of a handful they are to care for, itโ€™s only when they are forever gone do we realize how dull it is without them. So donโ€™t be shy to show them your love while they are around. Get them the things that you always wanted to get and spoil them with pampering that they deserve. When they are no longer there at least you will have all of their belongings to keep as memories. Even something as small as a dog tag or a collar can be a powerful reminder of what once was.

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