Various solutions have recently been developed for both interior and exterior decor.To give the gardens a more elegant look, grass-like products are easily accessible. These objects, which resemble grass walls, can be used as garden fences, balcony walls and terrace walls.

The grass wall has a variety of styles, sizes, heights and building materials. The models vary according to the type of fake grass we use to create this grass wall. As a result, we supply various grass walls and fences. These artificial grass coating products are the first choice for aesthetic and stylish decoration, especially in open areas. You can now take advantage of our content to learn in depth what a grass wall is, how it’s made, and how to install a wall.

What is Fake Grass Wall?

A type of fake grass wall used in interior and exterior wall coverings is sometimes referred to directly as a “grass wall”. The simplest way to improve an area with its aesthetically pleasing, fashionable and interesting designs is the grass wall. The most common fence style is a grass wall with a structure and appearance resembling real grass. It is a very practical product for surrounding the garden and disconnecting the space from the outside.

These grass fence wire models are excellent garden decor items. Products made of garden grass fence are made by wrapping metal wires in artificial grass. Stainless steel is blended with these fake based materials. UV-resistant products can be made by coating with PVC. As a result, a robust garden grass wall product that can be used throughout the year and all four seasons has been produced.

The wide range of use of the product allows it to meet a variety of needs. A very popular option to ensure both internal and external safety is the grass wire fence. With its numerous options for gardens, balconies and terraces, it brings a great richness as a decor. You can easily use these products to make your living spaces a quiet, safe and enjoyable place.

How is Grass Wall Coating Performed?

As the grass wall coating is completed, it is mounted on the wall with metal fence wires made in advance. Later, these fence posts are covered with landscape artificial grass rolls. These two components are used to create a grass fence wall. You can add a grass fence to an existing wood, metal or plastic fence if you like. With the right clips and mounting equipment, grass-like fence models can be installed quickly and easily.

Stainless steel materials resistant to rust suitable for outdoor use are used when making grass wall decor. In this way, you can use grass-like fence components for a long time. You can choose from alternatives ranging in length from 50 cm to 10 m depending on the size of the area. At this stage, you should place your order considering the size of the place for the grass wall. Artificial grass fences sprayed with electrostatic powder paint also come in various shades. Artificial grass fence can be made in various shades of green and other colors.

Installation of Grass Walls on Different Floors

It can be built on the already built fence. By purchasing grass wall decor, you can put them on products such as panel fences or wire fences that you have created before. The special sized grass we produce will fit well with your wall fences.

In addition, if you buy a grass fence, you can have a fence and a grass wall at the same time. The grass wall, which can be used in all kinds of fences, prevents visibility from outside to inside. It allows you to spend quality time with your family in your living space while maintaining your privacy.

Mountable to wall. You can design landscaped areas by installing a grass wall on a wall. For example, you can hang pots, birdcages or live lights on the grass wall. You can spend time with your loved ones in a beautiful environment.

Grass Wall Pricing

Unlike other types of fences, grass wall is a very affordable wall panel. It can be used to decorate the inner walls. In addition, you can add your own touches to the item by looking for a picture, flowerpot, or other decorative element. If you’re looking for a cheap grass wall, you’ve come to the right place. Our company guarantees the lowest prices in the grass wall products it produces for you. It’s really hard to build a grass wall from the grass you grow at home. Because it’s hard to preserve natural grass. In addition, it is temporary.

Grass wall prices vary according to the intended application, size and design. Contact our company for quality but affordable grass wall prices. If you are looking for affordable grass fence wall prices, you have come to the ideal place. These grass wall prices are most suitable in terms of quality, design diversity and color options. You can contact us immediately for the grass wall models we offer.

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