It can be difficult for a little person to explain to their parents that he/she is hot or uncomfortable, that the new boots are tight, and that a heavy coat interferes with playing, that the hat crawls into the eyes. There is no word โ€œcoldโ€ on this list. And there is a reason for this. The majority of parents, before going out, dress their children as if they are going to the North Pole. However, overheating is more dangerous for the childโ€™s body than mild hypothermia. If the baby is all wet and red after a walk, you obviously overdid it with clothes.

Common Mistakes of Parents

Quite probably, your relatives have already provided you with plenty of tips on dressing your child. They might have also interfered with your choice of cute baby boy clothes and outfits for a daughter from The Trendy Toddlers boutique. However, when it comes to the rules of dressing a baby, it is crucial not to make the following mistakes, even if some of these tips were provided by your granny.

  • Fully prepare a baby for going out and make them wait โ€” the child will not only start to be capricious but will also sweat while you put on outerwear, check for keys, a smartphone, and the necessary things. Coming out from a heated room in the cold, the sweaty child runs the risk of getting sick.
  • A heavy warm overall put over light outerwear is fundamentally wrong. The child should be dressed evenly in layers. It is the air that forms between the layers that heat a baby.
  • Wrapping the babyโ€™s face with a warm scarf. The warm breath will make the scarf damp. Children usually feel discomfort and push it aside. After a while, frost forms on the wool. This is not just unpleasant but can also irritate the childโ€™s delicate skin. It is even worse if the child breathes for a long time in the scarf and then abruptly swallows the frosty air with the mouth.
  • Dressing the baby in too large outfits. In this way, you limit the freedom of movement. In shoes that are too loose, kids will constantly stumble and fall. Keep in mind that the margin for growth should not exceed 2 centimeters of foot length. The other extreme is putting on the things from which the child grew up. There are practically no air layers. Thus, the clothes do not heat well.

How to Correctly Dress Your Child for a Stroll

The child should not freeze, be overheated and sweaty. Therefore, parents should regularly check the state of the baby. The common mistake of parents is checking the nose and cheeks. To actually understand if your baby is cold, touch the skin around the neck and chest.

If the child turns pale, cries for no reason, and then becomes quiet or lethargic โ€” most likely, your baby is cold. This is also indicated by cold wrists and the bridge of the nose. If a child is flushed, sweaty, and restless, most likely, the kid is overheated. Ruddy cheeks and moderately cool hands are evidence of the normal state.

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