Affiliate marketing is not merely a gig anymore. It’s a real thing, with many affiliates earning in seven-digit figures for a living. But everything starts with a good affiliate program. There are many programs that you, as an affiliate, can sign up for and start promoting. But how can you choose the right one? Get the answer in this guide.

Niche is Most Important

When choosing an affiliate marketing program, the first thing you need to check is the niche. Niche is a target market segment for your product. So diabetes is a niche, weight loss is a niche, tablet computer in a niche. But it’s better to be even more granular. Weight loss for working females, male tablet users who prefer 10 inches or more, is a better niche. Therefore, target a niche if you haven’t already, and then select a program. The more targeted the niche is, the better your results will be.

Choose the Correct Type

There are different types of affiliate programs. Some operate on a CPL or Cost per Lead structure. So, you get paid whenever someone shows interest in a product by submitting a quote form. Others operate on a CPA or Cost per Acquisition mode. So, you get paid only when there’s a sale. Choosing the correct mode is essential. If your audience is not able to make a purchase yet, the CPL structure might be better. If they’re winning to make a purchase, CPA might be better.

Commission Structure Matters

The next thing you need to look at is the commission structure. The best programs out there respect the work affiliates put in and hence compensate well. Anything above 50% commission is considered good for a program. So, for every sale you make, you get to keep 50% of the amount. A few programs also tend to offer as many as 90% for commission. Aim for somewhere between 50% and 70% when prospecting affiliate programs. If the product owner is open to negotiation, you can use your negotiation skills to ink a better deal.

Read Reviews Before Signing Up

You can only see the effectiveness of an affiliate program when it’s live in the market, or marketed by other affiliates. You can read the reviews to get a better idea of the program and see if it’ll match your audience’s needs. You can also look at ratings since all programs receive ratings from people who’ve used it. These metrics will help you filter the programs. Select the one that you think will offer the best results for your marketing campaign.

Check the Vendor Support

Vendor support is something that is often overlooked when selecting affiliate programs. But you should never make that mistake. Affiliate programs are hosted on an affiliate marketing platform. These platforms regulate the entire environment, from onboarding product owners to disbursing payments. So, if anything goes haywire, you can get in touch with the vendor to sort it out. 

Once you’ve selected an affiliate program, you should always look for better options. Good platforms host multiple programs that match your niche. Be persistent with your marketing, and you’ll start seeing results.

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