A Versaloft daybed is a hanging piece of furniture that is often positioned in a comfortable secluded place where you can treat yourself to have a cup of tea, read a book, and just relax for a while. You can place it in one of your guest rooms, study, or even in the garden or your yard. Alternatively, you can purchase a hanging Versaloft daybed which is fastened with rope or a chain thus creating a swing piece of furniture. This, again, is great for the outdoors or on your patio. These types of beds are often made of wood, and hence are quite easy to take care of. Below are a couple of tips that you can use to ensure your Versaloft daybed remains in tip-top shape.

1. Dust the bed

As these types of beds are often placed in outdoor locations, they are often prone to the accumulation of dust. It is thus beneficial to dust your bed a couple of times a week with a feather duster. This simple tip will help to remove all the dirt from your bed without causing any scratches or damage to the surface.

2. Wipe the bed

As an alternative to dusting, you can wipe the bed using a piece of cloth and some warm water. Damp the cloth and wipe the surface of the furniture gently and quickly, but be careful not to let the wood soak in the water which could lead to damage. In case of any stain or grime on the bed, you could use dish soap to wipe it all off. Once you are done cleaning off the dirt with the cloth, you can use some wood oil as well for further cleaning and improving the appearance.

3. Wax the furniture

To lengthen the lifespan of your bed, consider applying some wax on the furniture. Get some quality wax and apply it on the bed with a cheesecloth, which will help to protect the bed from further wear and tear and will restore the beautiful shine.

If you have a swinging Versaloft daybed, do not neglect the material that it is fastened on to as well. This may be some form of rope or chain. Occasionally inspect the rope especially at the point it is fastened onto the bed to ensure that it is still quite sturdy and that the knot has not come undone. This will protect you against any unexpected accidents, If your bed has a fastened chain to it, make sure to regularly inspect it to identify any areas of rust and replace them accordingly. Lubricate all moving parts as required and also check the fastened nuts and bolts to ensure that everything is strongly secured.

Cushion maintenance

Versaloft beds double both as a bench and an area where you can nap by yourself. As they are often made of wood, it is only natural that a person places a cushion on the bed for extra comfort. These, however, do come separately from the bed in most cases. When purchasing a Versaloft bed, therefore, get the cushion at about the same time as well which will help you select one that fits. You can get to test it out and select one whose density feels comfortable to you and that matches your bed well.

  • Regular flipping

Just like any mattress on a bed, we must occasionally flip the cushion on the daybed. This will allow for maintenance of the even cushion density and you will not have one section thinning out and sagging more hence creating some form of depression.

  • Vacuum

This is necessary especially for any daybed that is located outside. It will be prone to dust from the wind and it is hence important that as you clean the rest of your house, do not forget to vacuum the daybed cushion as well. Alternatively, you can get slipcovers for your cushion which you can regularly dry clean.

  • Clean immediately in case of spills

If you spill your tea or juice while on the daybed, you must clean it immediately to prevent any stains or smells from occurring. Blot out any excess liquid with a clean cloth and use a stain remover if necessary. Be careful not to rub or use too much product which can damage the texture of your cushion or ruin the appearance completely. You can dry out the wet area using a hairdryer to ensure that the area dries out evenly and that the color is maintained.

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