Your wedding anniversary is just around the corner and you are finding it hard to decide what to do. Whatever it is you end up doing on that day, you want it to be exciting. This is the least you can do for coming this far with your spouse.

Fortunately, this is just the right piece to be reading as we will fill you in on some tips to make this special day as exciting as it can get. So, ensure that you keep reading.

Prepare the Grounds for the Exciting Mood Days/Weeks Ahead

Fanfare will certainly make the day so exciting. So, make plans to have as much fun as you can get on that day. However, there is more to having an exciting anniversary than fanfare. This is because it is not only what you do that counts but how you do it.

This simply means that you have to set the mood for an exciting anniversary. The truth is that this happens way before the anniversary date. Speaking of setting the right mood, you should emit positive energy and encourage your partner to do the same.

This means that you have to focus on appreciating each other for making it this far. You should also play down those negative subjects that can roar their ugly heads. The appreciation should come in words and gifts (no matter how small the gifts may seem).

Be deliberate about appreciating each other. What this would do will make your partner (and you) longing for your anniversary.

Get Rid of Distractions

One of the biggest threats to having the time of your lives during your wedding anniversary is distractions. These distractions could be your job, religious commitments, and several other things. Hard as it is to admit, it could even be those little kids of yours.

Your wedding anniversary is that time to cherish all the great things that have come out of the relationship and so you should long for it. You should be so determined to make the most of this day to the point of getting rid of anything that threatens your ability to do this.

For those that have little kids, you would do well to get someone good enough to babysit your kids for the time being. This is for the period when you will be having an amazing time with your husband/wife.

Get Your Partner a Breathtaking Present

You need to understand that there are dynamics to getting your partner what we have decided to tag breathtaking present(s). For one, you do not have to break the bank to get that present. In other words, you will need to cut your coat according to your size.

Secondly, there are peculiarities involved here. This is because what one person will term breathtaking may not seem that way to another. So, it all boils down to understanding what your partner would love to have.

For the record, it is not always about the cost but always about the sentimental value attached to that thing by your spouse. It could be a charcoal drawing of your partner for some people. It could be a beautiful mug with the custom-designed wording โ€œIโ€™ll forever be glad I found the good and bad sides of you. I love you so muchโ€ฆโ€.

If youโ€™re wanting to get something for the bedroom this anniversary, you need to play it carefully. Michael Williams who runs his own store selling adult silicone toys for the bedroom, suggests that if you should start with a wholesome individual present for your partner earlier in the day and then follow up with the โ€˜funโ€™ toys later in the evening so they donโ€™t feel like youโ€™re only wanting the physical aspect of the relationship.

Bring Up the Good Memories

Your relationship has certainly seen some ups and downs over the years. However, you would agree that there have been amazing times.

Well, your anniversary is that time to dwell on those amazing times. Bring them up and appreciate how your partner acted during those times. You need to be intentional about this and by doing so, you would see that spice is added to your marriage.


Of course, you can have that anniversary date that you would always remember for good. You just have to put the helpful tips shared here to good use. In all, you should be deliberate about making this date one that you would always remember for good. So, you should plan well for it.

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