It’s easy to become prey to your own negative thoughts. Especially when you are under financial pressure, it becomes a lot more challenging to carry the day with a smile. Usually, a fresh graduate begins his/her career with a debt to pay off their student loans. They have enough pressure already, and this pandemic has made it even worse.

What is alarming is the number of professionals laid off. It is creating chaos in the job market as there is tremendous competition for a fresher to compete. Pandemic has brought humanity to its survival mode. With student loan’s interest piling up and slower job placement is creating anxiety amongst many.

But be assured that you are not alone in this battle. Many like you are trying to figure out ways to solve this problem. And here are some of the tips that can help you ease some of your financial burden off your shoulder, 

Fix your expenses – We have a different budgeting system when we’re in college. Prioritizing fashion and food is necessary to stay relevant with our peers. However, it’s a totally different ball game when it comes to professional life. You need to stay focused on your necessities and save the rest of the amount for unforeseen instances. Having a budget for every payment you incur will help you stick to your plan and save money.

Find a job – As said above, the world has come down to survival. So not everyone right now is lucky to land a dream job. I’m not asking you not to try at all. I’m insisting you keep an open mind and search for other opportunities that support you to pay your bills. Keep hunting for job opportunities. But sometimes, you might get stuck in finding contacts.

It is the time where you seek help from your peers for contacts. If not, there is a foolproof plan to fall back on. is a powerful email search platform that helps you find an email address of anyone from around the world. This AI-powered platform comes with a chrome extension to your Linkedin account. So whenever you browse through the connection, you will be able to get the profile’s email address at the drop of a hat.ย 

Plan a monthly budget – When you have a set budget for all the necessary expenses, you will not be wasting your money on irrelevant items. There are many tools available online that will assist you in not only creating a budget but also sticking to it. It might seem quite challenging initially to limit your outgo. But once you get the hang of it, you will realize your innate potential that you never thought you had before.

Stick to your routine – It might seem like a daunting experience to keep the same pace of savings. It would even mean that you will have to ignore those discount coupons for Friday night’s fun and probably manage a tab on your online shopping spree. Sticking to your routine might seem mundane and depressing while your friends are out there partying. But the results, in the long run, are far-fetching than these short-lived entertainments. You get to learn perseverance and discipline, which are qualitative skills.

Reward yourself – It’s not always ”all work and no play”, sometimes you need to reward yourself for all the hard work and discipline you put in through. Set goals for yourself in saving a said amount of money & once you achieve it, use a portion of it to reward yourself with whatever you love. It will create a healthy saving-spending pattern. It will also keep you motivated to keep saving the amount from your expenses.

Create a healthy balance of mental health – This pandemic has taken a toll on everyone, especially against mental health. Isolating oneself from the crowd has created an unhealthy mindset and a fear of an uncertain future. To keep yourself at bay from those negative thoughts, figure out healthy mental exercise that suits you. Take some time out from those binge-watch shows and learn a hobby, or meditate. Various apps can help you bring the artistic version out of you. So go ahead and figure out the artist that you’ve been hiding.

Gratitude is everything – The world might seem far worse than what it was two years ago. But don’t lose your heart yet. Be grateful for seeing the sunrise every day from the comfort of your house. Read stories of some successful artists or entrepreneurs, and you will see how they have overcome all the oddities of their life. How they have started their lives right from the scratch with no resources at their disposal. Be patient and optimistic that this too shall pass.

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