In order to make plastic films or any other material live longer, modify and render them bondable, you need to apply corona treatment. To have a better idea about how it works, you need to know that corona plasma is an electrical discharge produced if high-voltage and high-frequency electric potential are near electrodes in the atmosphere. Then, ozone and ions get generated, and the oxygen radical modifies the polymeric material. This kind of surface treatment is very successful; however, there are some challenges that you need to carefully manage. In this article, we will show you how solving surface treatment problems is done the right way.


Sometimes the treating system transports more or less energy than needed to the substrate, and this can be the main cause of many problems. Overtreating results in ruining the material. Moreover, it can result in problems related to material blocking. On the other hand, undertreatment can cause many other problems too. When corona surface treatment goes wrong many things can occur like poor adhesion, inadequate wettability, and low levels of dyne. However, this can be avoided by creating a starting point for the power level and going up gradually till the needed dyne level is reached. Moreover, training operators on measuring watt density accurately will guarantee proper treatment.

Web Tension

Web tension is one of the factors that can obstruct the treatment process if not handled and controlled in an efficient manner. The accuracy of the surface treatment depends on web tension. Therefore, web tension has to be managed and controlled properly. A balanced tension during the treatment process is of utmost importance. Material can snap or wrinkle if there is too much tension. On the other hand, there will be air gaps between the roll and the material itself if there is a lack of tension! Backside treatment is something you do not want to occur as it ruins the whole process and causes uneven treatment of the material.ย  To avoid all of these problems, start using nip rolls when operating at speeds higher than 1000 fpm. Moreover, using a spreader and crowned rolls can help in eliminating wrinkles in some cases. Although corona surface treatment processes can harm the environment there are ways to lessen the damage done. That is why the experts at recommend that an eco-friendly approach should be followed to minimize the negative effects on the environment. Using recycled materials and advanced filtration systems are few ways of operating in an eco-friendly manner.

Poor Maintenance

Poor maintenance of the equipment used in the surface treatment process and underestimating the importance of keeping the place and equipment as clean as possible all the time can result in downtime on corona treaters and huge financial losses. During the surface treatment process, several materials leach, slip and leak, as this is an inevitable part of the process. Therefore, constant cleaning should be conducted. Moreover, while pulling in the air, if the area is not clean, dirt will get sucked in too and reach the rollers and electrodes. These kinds of buildups help in the production of unwanted backside treatment. During humid months, keeping the equipment clean and running should be on the top of the list of surface treaters, as humidity can cause a lot of damage to the equipment if not properly cleaned and maintained. Therefore, inspections should be conducted regularly, especially when the humidity levels are high. It is also recommended that treaters keep the rolls properly grounded, and replace the brushes on a regular basis. The wiring and high-voltage connections should be included in the scheduled inspections too, to avoid malfunctions. Keeping the equipment well maintained doesn’t take much but goes a long way in keeping the business running. Scheduled inspections that are done with care bearing in mind all aspects of the treatment process including the exhaust and cooling equipment are highly recommended to avoid future issues associated with unclean or old equipment, and there are many!

There is a wide range of corona treatment system providers, and they vary in terms of standard setup. These variables should be controlled and comprehended to get the best end results. Moreover, there are some challenges that face corona surface treaters like, overtreatment, undertreatment, web tension, and keeping up with maintenance. All of these challenges can be easily managed and controlled by following simple precautions and keeping the equipment clean and well maintained all the time, especially during the humid months. Moreover, the cleanliness of the environment that surrounds the equipment is something every treater should consider as it is one of the important factors that can lead to the failure of the treatment process if ignored.

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