Rockstar Games’ GTA4 came after table tennis. It was the first game to utilize RAGE (RAGE). Rockstar, famed for cowboy flicks and open-world criminal dramas, is tackling table tennis.

Rockstar Games’ Table Tennis’ physics helped GTA 4’s Euphoria-powered NPCs hang from car doors, dive away from incoming automobiles, and fall down when pushed. A generative animation mixing approach that provides realistic pressures to figures. It’s what makes fooling with GTA NPCs enjoyable.

Midnight Club LA followed GTA 4. Rockstar created an open-world LA before GTA 5 and modified traffic density, weather, and driving model. GTA 4’s automobiles are more realistic and stiff than GTA 5’s.

Episodes from Liberty City were added to GTA 4 shortly thereafter. They introduced two new characters and retold GTA 4’s story. This was crucial to GTA 5’s character-changing system.

Red Dead Redemption and Max Payne 3 improved gunplay. The first one included animals, the second one was slow-motion bullet time, which Michael may employ in GTA 5.

Rockstar’s activities show future intentions. Even LA Noire lacked then-revolutionary face animation. You can anticipate GTA 6 from prior games. Red Dead Redemption 2, GTA Online, and the GTA 5 reset between GTA 5 and GTA 6 provide lessons.

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More playing roles

Customization has always been a huge aspect of Rockstar Games, whether it’s a whip or Arthur Morgan’s beard. Red Dead Online’s “roles” system will have the biggest influence on this, even if GTA 6 will offer more options.

When given duties, players might deliver bounties, hunt animals, or find missing wealth. Rockstar will leverage what it learned here for GTA 6’s online mode. GTA Online for PC’s role-playing servers has police, criminals, taxi drivers, physicians, and more.

More aware of society

Like an enraged Irish MMA fighter, GTA games have always struck in every direction. Nobody’s safe. Rockstar’s GTA 6 focuses on society’s villains and oppressive structures. With GTA 5 on current-gen platforms, we see how Rockstar thinks. Nine years ago, when GTA 5 came out, few people knew about transgender issues.

The re-release of GTA 5 removed transphobic “jokes.” It indicates Rockstar’s increased awareness of social issues. Red Dead Redemption 2 has powerful women and a diverse group. It wouldn’t be shocked if GTA 6 included a female main character for the first time since Rockstar and its fans had grown up together. Even if it doesn’t, disadvantaged people will be in fewer jokes.

No more switching characters

If GTA 6 has more than one main character, you won’t be able to swap between them as simply as in GTA 5. Imagine it will be a blend of that and RDR2. You’ll flip between characters during the story.

Switching between characters removes ownership, a fundamental component of GTA. It’s hard to remember Franklin, Michael, and Trevor’s structures and enterprises. Stock investing makes it hard to monitor money. You’ll be missing flipping to Trevor and seeing him on a beach surrounded by dead bikers and virtually nude. This strategy would allow users to prepare to perform multiple roles online, as in Episodes from Liberty City. GTA 6’s primary character shouldn’t be American.

A more realistic set of weapons

It’s good to have an RPG, assault rifle, sniper rifle, shotgun, SMG, handgun, baseball bat, and ten grenades, but is it realistic? Rockstar has always tried to build realistic games. This is true throughout Red Dead Redemption 2, from caressing your horse to stealing beans. The arsenal includes the weapon. Arthur Morgan only carries what he can carry. His handguns must be in holsters and his long guns over his shoulder. His horse works as a rucksack for anything he can’t carry.

This approach may work in GTA 6 if the horse were a vehicle. You’d feel smarter since you’d always have the correct tools. You may inspect your ever-growing weaponry before a mission. Rockstar might have cops respond when your character holds a pistol in public, giving us Hitman-style animations for placing it on our backs. Maybe we’ll stuff a pistol down our trousers until we can afford concealed holsters.

More wilderness

Rockstar won’t forget about natural beauty for Red Dead Redemption 2. GTA 6’s code-name “Americas” is widespread speculation.

It might be set in North and South America. If so, there must be much wilderness between the continents. Vice City, modeled on Miami, will undoubtedly be the major location, however, the landmass might be scaled down and players could proceed to Liberty City via Georgia’s Blood Mountain Wilderness. It sounds fantastic.

More interesting things

Red Dead Redemption 2 made empty space intriguing. Because of the simulated atmosphere, random occurrences, and geographical detail.

Every lonely cottage in Red Dead Redemption 2 has a mystery. Even though the globe is enormous, there’s always something new to discover. Nothing is ever repeated.

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