Whoopee cushions. Gum with cockroach on it. Whipping cream or Toothpaste as icing. These are just some age-old pranks that have amused millions of kids all around the world. Having prank wars with your family members and friends is just normal growing up. Playing mischievous tricks and multiple practical jokes as a way of lightening up the mood becomes one of the best childhood memories that a kid can have.

The adage Laughter is the best medicine may be cliche but it does have a sense of meaning into it. A positive mood brought about by wholesome fun from pranking, for example, can boost your morale and your overall outlook on life.

As times goes by, it is only expected that pranking evolves. With the introduction and invention of better technology, the well of pranking ideas just becomes bigger and bigger. When you have more tools at your disposal, it is just a given that you will have much more leeway.

One search on Google will allow you to watch the millions of creative pranks that were documented through video. Many of these pranks have also been aided by technology. They have simply allowed pranksters to become much more creative with their practical jokes.

Ten years ago, perhaps the most technologically advanced prank is the hand buzzer. The hand buzzer is a classic metal device that allows you to shock whoever you touch. Completely an ingenious item that is still famous until today.

Here are some of the latest innovations in technology that has allowed pranksters to be more creative with their pranking.

1. Voice Changer

Technology has advanced to the point that it can now modify sounds. It is a common software that you can use to prank your friends. Perhaps, one of the most creative way to use a Voice Changer is to prank call your friends. A prank call is a telephone call intended to create chaos on the person you are playing the prank call on.

With a Voice Changer, you can make fun of your friends by acting like an obsessed stalker or an angry man who did not get their pizza order. The panicked voices of your friends as they try to reason out will surely illicit a lot of laughs from you. Make sure to record it so you can play it nay time you want.

2. Online Soundboard

An online soundboard is a recorded message for prank calls. Unlike a Voice changer where you have to talk, there is already a pre-recorded script that it follows. This is particularly convenient when you do not want to give out your identity with how you talk.

3. Fake SMS

If you do not want to do a prank call, you can still prank your friends with a fake SMS. There are softwares available that will provide you with a fake phone number. This ensures that you do not let your friends know that it is you who are messaging them.

4. Photoshop

Photoshop is one of the best gifts that technology has created. With Photoshop, you can create images that can distort reality to your advantage. This means that you will probably be able to creatively prank your friends. For example, you can put people in backgrounds where they have not been.

On the other hand, you can also use photoshop as a way to make proof. This makes your pranking story more believable.

5. Edit Autocorrect Options

Ever think of wanting to say something but something different comes out? Was it frustrating? Obviously yes. Autocorrect is a simple features that helps everyone type faster and in a much more comprehensive way. However, even this simple feature can be used as a tool to prank your family members and friend.

What you can do is to add in a custom entry into their Autocorrect tool to say something else. You can be as subtle as incorporating typos and misspellings instead of the right word. However, where would the fun be in that?

You can go for a more fun way by upping the level of your pranks. For example, when they type yes, it can say no. Often, when typing, people click send right away, without even reading the message they have composed. Just imagine the chaos that this will create in their life. For every yes they say to, no comes out. This is just a suggestion of course.

You can even make it more chaotic by transforming simple messages into shocking ones like when they type Hello, something embarassing comes out like โ€œI enjoy watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians.โ€ or โ€œI have a bad case of explosive diarrhea.โ€

While this is great, make sure that you do not let things escalate so much that your poor victimโ€™s profesional work life is affected.

6. Cracked Screen Wallpaper

Another classic. A cracked screen is one of the worst nightmares you can have especially if you just got a new phone, TV or laptop. A cracked screen not only affects your user experience but also is not a great sight to look at. Cracked screens give off the look that your device is broken and should be replaced. This really hurts if it is a new device.

There are multiple applications that you can install to make them think that their screens are cracked. They give off a believable image that your victim will surely panic. Just make sure you delete the app before they buy a new one and throw out the old one.

7. Wireless Control

Wireless Control is a convenience that has been introduced into our homes for the sake of saving us a few extra seconds. Check if your friends have devices or appliances that are wireless enabled such as thermostat, printers, etc.

One of the best pranks with this is to send out vague messages to your victim through their printer. Just imagine how panicked your friends would be to get a message from a supposed extra terrrestial?

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