We all admire movie-like love stories and imagine that the same should happen in real life. Therefore, online dating is not quite the approach that we gladly accept when it comes to finding true love.  To be honest, whether you’re going to meet someone at your friend’s wedding, in a bar, or meet them online, doesn’t make much difference, except in the eyes of your grandparents. Of course, they’d always be shocked by online dating, but in the end, it’s your love life that matters the most, right? Every love story has its charm and its pros and cons, but the virtual dating space is definitely worth trying especially if you struggle to find your soulmate in conventional dating life.

If you stop thinking for a moment about what your granny would say, then online dating is a sea of opportunities that can change your life forever. I mean, positively change your life. I’ve tried a few dating sites in the past until I ran into Flingster, and I am so thankful about it. I never expected to find a lifelong companion by dating online, so my expectations weren’t too high. Anyways, you never know if you like something until you try it, so I saw it as an opportunity to give myself another chance to cross my path with Cupid.

I know many people with similar stories, so if you are one of them and would like to learn a thing or two about how to meet your potential lifelong flame, check out my story.

My first impressions of Flingster

Dating sites can be confusing and sometimes even user-unfriendly, which happened to me in the past, so that’s why I was losing my hopes. On the other hand, Flingster has a quite simple layout, and it took me less than a minute to figure it all out. The high responsiveness got me right on! Fast-paced communication is my cup of tea, so I got enthusiastic from the start.

The great thing about Flingster is that the service is free. However, I decided to buy a membership for $19,99 per month, a standard fee for online dating sites. I became a verified member and got all the added features, which made me feel even more comfortable with the service. The thing with becoming a verified member is that you protect yourself from unwanted trolls. When you are only using the free service, you must be aware that any scammer could join the platform, so you better acquire the membership.

It was a relief to find a dating site that doesn’t take an hour to sign up. Flingster’s registration process is super simple, and that’s what got me warmed up about it. Have in mind that the easy access attracts all sorts of weirdos, so again, sign up for the membership right away. Also, focus on talking to verified members only, and you’ll never have any inconvenience.

My favorite features

As you already know, I’ve been hanging around online dating services in the past years, so I was familiar with all the basic features like switching from video to text chat and selecting the gender I’m interested in dating. Anyways, Flingster offers much more than that. What I loved the most was the anonymity that the website secures. When I started chatting with other verified users, I realized that I could only see their first names and where they were coming from, and that was it. This spiced up my conversations because I needed to figure out a lot by myself, which added an extra flair to all the chats. It’s simple: when you’re given a little information, you must chat more and get into a deep conversation to find out as much as you can about the other user. It was ice-breaking, fun, and it provided a feeling of security.

Another feature I loved about Flingster is the AR (augmented reality) masks that some of my online dates chose to wear. I totally get it that some people don’t want to show their faces on camera, and it was super fun for me to see their choices and figure out what kind of personalities they were according to the mask they’ve had on. Any outcome, from one-time flirty chat to finding a long-term partner, worked for me, so I didn’t mind at all not being able to see some of their faces. On the contrary, it was intriguing and exciting for me.

A couple of words about my dating on Flingster

There is one important thing I’ve learned from previous on and offline dating, and that is to have realistic expectations. It’s always good to know what we want, and I knew that I joined Flingster to possibly find a long-term dating partner. Don’t get me wrong, flirty chats with strangers are cool, but I didn’t pay a monthly membership only to chat with potential partners. Brief encounters were also ok, but I knew I wanted more than that. Sharing the same language with the person is another thing that I learned is crucial. Although I love meeting people from all around the world, it’s quite an issue if we can’t understand each other fully. However, Flingster offers a translation service, but I’ve decided to stick to English-speaking users only and eventually change the location filter if I get bored, but I didn’t.

Love gods smiled at me, and I was awarded for all my efforts when I met my current partner via Flingster. We clicked right away and were anxious to meet each other face to face, but believe me, that part was even better. We first dated online and soon decided to meet up and haven’t separated for three months now. The website, however, has permissive policies, and we were able to get up to all kinds of naughty stuff during our video chats, but trust me, the real deal kicked in when we met in person.

Online dating is a must-try if you’re searching for expanding your possibilities, but never forget to have realistic expectations and prepare for different outcomes. If it worked out for me, it would certainly work for many of you out there. Never lose hope!

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