Wallets are a staple item that you need to have regardless of what your standing in life is. It safeguards your money, your IDs, cards, and much more. Despite advancements in wallet manufacturing, one trend that continues to stay strong is that leather wallets are always going to be in.

One thing you may have noticed is that leather wallets have been around since you were a child. While other consumer and personal items have changed in some way, shape or form in the last couple of decades, leather wallets managed to stay the same.

Why are people so enamored with leather wallets and since when have these been around? It’s always good to look at the humble beginnings of the leather wallet so let’s dive deep into how it came to be.

History Of The Leather Wallet

Believe it or not, the concept of wallets have been around since prehistoric times. Our ancestors didn’t use wallets for money as it was non-existent back then. Instead, they used it to hold the things they forage during hunting. These include fruits and meat.

Although scientists have yet to determine what kind of material our ancestors used in making these wallets, they’ve likely begun using the hide they’ve sourced from the animals they hunt. Prehistoric people are known to use every bit of the animal they hunt so this shouldn’t come as a surprise that they use it for wallets as well.

If we’re talking about documented leather wallets, then you need to take a close look at the ancient Greek and Romans. According to historians, they fashioned leather wallets out of cow and horsehide. Back then, they’ve already begun using wallets as a means to hold coins and money.

The early forms of leather wallets looked more like a traditional knapsack.  It took centuries before wallets took the form of the bifold wallet design that we are more used to now: the design came as the need for smaller and more functional wallets rose.

Forming Of The Traditional Wallet

The traditional leather wallet that we’ve been using dates back to as early as the 1300s. Even back then, wallets are most commonly described as small bags that carry valuables.

As time progressed, people began seeing the need for smaller wallets. From the knapsack design, it slowly became similar to the wallet that we are used to. It was also at this time that people began using wallets as a common means to hold coins and even calling cards.

During the 17th century, paper currency was finally introduced. Since money has come from a larger firm, the wallet had to be revolutionized so that it is capable of holding more than just coins and small calling cards.

Because of the new trend, rectangular, square, and bifold wallets were finally introduced. Due to the durable and flexible quality of leather, it is still the common material used when making a wallet. It was even more important to use leather now because if weaker material was used, it would break easier.

Wallets In Modern Times

The advent of paper currency paved the way for better wallets. As you can see by the trend, the design of wallets changes depending on the need. When it was used to hold fruit, meat, and other materials, wallets were larger.

When people began using them for coins and calling cards, they became more compact. When people began using paper currency, wallets had to be folded or larger to accommodate the new form of money.

Now, modern wallets are sleek and they consider design and functionality as well. Wallets need to be able to accommodate not just money. They also need to accommodate credit cards, IDs, calling cards, and more.

Leather wallets will remain to be popular because of their durability. Even with low maintenance, a good leather wallet can last you for several years. Whereas with other wallet materials, you’ll end up damaging the surface after a short period.

We can also attribute leather’s simple yet elegant appeal as part of the reason why it remains to be popular today. Leather wallets are very easy to match with any outfit you were. Whether you choose black, brown, or any color of leather, these wallet’s design are going to be timeless.

It’s hard to imagine a future without leather wallets probably because such a future won’t exist. People are going to continue supporting the use of leather wallets because of their durability and functionality.

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