It isn’t easy being a nerd and attracting gorgeous women. Unfortunately, we are not living inside “The Big Bang Theory” universe, where gorgeous girls like Penny would want to be with a nerd. But is that really that impossible? After all, persistence wasn’t the only reason why Penny chose to marry Leonard. You must be thinking that reel life and real life are so different. But what if we were to tell you that psychics can help you become the man every woman desires. If you want to know more about what you can do to attract gorgeous women, you can speak to some of the best free psychics online.

While you might be focused on how people see you, psychics say that your inner qualities matter more to women who are looking for a real relationship. While being attractive can get you someone’s attention, it is your personality that can help you capture their heart. These are some of the insights by psychics that can help you improve your dating life.

Be Genuinely Interested

We often have problems speaking to people because we feel anxious. You may think that people will judge you for the insecurities that you see in yourself. So instead of approaching new people, you prefer to stay inside your friend’s circle or be alone. Most people are interested in talking about themselves more than others. Psychics can tell you how you can show genuine interest in a woman’s life, which will make them reciprocate with equal interest in you. According to psychics, if you want to improve your dating life, you should show more interest in the girl’s life that you want to date.

But that doesn’t mean you should stalk them, or ask inappropriate questions. If you are genuinely friendly, girls would tell you several aspects of your life. You have to listen and respond appropriately. Psychics will tell you that open-ended questions can get you a lot of information that you can discuss with her. Maintain eye contact when you have a conversation with her so that she knows that you are listening. Once you start showing genuine interest, they would want to spend more time with you.

Improve Your Confidence

You may be afraid of asking a girl out because you are scared that she will say no. But don’t let that dampen your confidence. Even the best looking guys often get rejected by girls. So learn to control your fear of being rejected. Imbibing self-confidence is often difficult unless you have external help. Psychics can help you to increase your levels of self-confidence. They can provide you insights about your inner fears that you may or may not be aware of.

Psychics can also show you how to overcome these fears to achieve success in your dating life. They can give you insights about your posture and body language that can display confidence. Women like to date men who exhibit confidence. It will also enable you to ask out the girl you like and want to date.

Be Honest

One of the first things a psychic will tell you is to exhibit honesty. Most guys that ask out girls are often trying to impress them with dishonest purposes. If you can show a girl that you are honest about your intentions, she is more likely to date you. But honesty doesn’t always mean dishing out the bitter truth. A psychic can tell you which matters you should be honest about when you have just met a person. A girl doesn’t want the whole picture on the first date, but she does want to get to know the real you. So show her the honest side that she needs to see on the first date. The rest of the things can wait for subsequent dates.

Accept Your Flaws

Psychics will tell you that not only should you be honest about your intentions to the girl, you should also be honest with yourself. Every person has flaws. So don’t assume that a woman you want to date will feel put off by them. You never know what she might find adorable. For example, your shabbiness might remind her of her own unorganized behavior. What is necessary is that you should be comfortable in your skin. Embrace your flaws and try to use them to your advantage.

Remember that the person has qualities that are attractive to the right women. So if you want a real relationship, you need to be able to shine a spotlight on them. A psychic can show you the way and help you get the girl of your dreams.

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