What is a Slumber Party?

In simplest terms, it is a Sleepover you have at one of your friends. Though it is a more teenagers thing, it is most relatable to girls. Dating back since the 1940s it is also known as โ€œPyjama Partyโ€, as you get into your PJs to spend the night. All the cranky, hooky and fun memories you create at a sleepover psychologically gives you a sense of happiness. Though it is widely spoken and practised in the Western world, South East Asian countriesโ€™ parents are less likely to permit their daughters to attend those owing to certain traditional mindsets.

Slumber Party & PJs

It is a complimentary connection. A slumber party is a more relaxed social occasion that allows one teenager to open themselves to their friend in a more private manner. When one person gets into the pyjamas (Also known as pajamas), it also means getting into your comfort zone. When you share that degree of privacy with another person, psychologically one tends to get more open in thoughts. The reason why there are two degrees of sleepovers, one which are actual parties where you do all the craziest things. Whereas the other a more private sleepover you have with few of your friends or even one friend for that matter. Such close-knit circle sleepovers help you to be more expressive about your life to your friend, mainly because you know you have all the night to talk about anything and everything.

Connection with Self-Esteem 

As a teenage girl shares her thoughts, moods, feelings with a close friend, she feels a sense of belonging and acceptance which assists in raising the confidence and self-esteem. The pessimistic downtrodden thoughts about loneliness, abandonment that leads to low self-esteem get eliminated by having a platform to share oneโ€™s feelings.

Though of having a person to share everything naturally uplift a person. For such close friendships, a sleepover or a slumber party acts as a precious gift to get more expressive with each other. The long chats and deep conversations you have with your friend while being in your PJs at 2 am! No other therapy could give such happiness to a feminist mindset. It is a different kind of feeling me as a writer would invite all girls to undergo at least once in your lifetime. It would be a moment, worth fighting for!

Why do Asian Parents Dislike? 

Times have changed. However, if you ask your grandma about her thoughts, she would dislike the idea of a sleepover wholeheartedly. Mainly owing to the reason they do not want to keep their daughter at an unknown house for a night out from their sight, as they fear her security. But is it only the security they are scared of? Well, not the case always, they also fear the talk of the town, โ€œwhat if other people see and realise my daughter lodge at other houses, a disgrace for her! I wonโ€™t be able to give her in marriage someday.โ€ My dear beautiful ladies reading this out there, it is alright for parents to think so considering the environment they were brought up, however, it all depends on the trust you carry. As long as you live up to your parentsโ€™ trust, one day it will be rewarded.

So girls, next time you meet your group of friends suggest to host a slumber party considering all the odds are fine. Enjoy it with a movie marathon, have a make-up session, have a pillow fight, give each other a hairdo, talk the weirdest and craziest things, get yourselves comfortable, open up. At the end when you ponder over the memories you will realise your self-esteem has increased a couple of bars up. But please note if your parents detest the idea, please forget slumber parties exist in the world instead, I will pray for you because it is always good to be a behaved daughter than an arrogant one.


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