We’re almost at the end of the freezing winter, and all those shapeless thermal wraps could go back in the closet. Spring is all about blossoming to be the beauty you are and parading in the streets at the dawn of the season in your casuals looking like a glam queen.

Being up to date means maintaining your wardrobe along with the trends. Your particular Fashion pick is your choice, it’s what makes you unique, but incorporating the trend is the final cherry on top of the cake. Here are some of the hottest trends for your wardrobe to look Graceful and Glamourous this Spring.

The 80’s Retro

Yes! The 80’s is back with the retro vintage look but incorporating it to your wardrobe can be tricky, a little bit too much of it could end up with you looking like you raided your grandma’s old wardrobe! If you’re heading for a party, get yourself a glitter dress, some extra glitter on your hair while mixing it up with your millennial fashion. You could also pull off a ‘Princess Diana’ wardrobe with hard shoulders and white pants.

Beige and Nude

We love how the Kardashians pull off the hot Nude looks for Summer. This Spring incorporate beige into your wardrobe and rock the roads. If you’re more of a Neon person, that’s totally fine to skip this, but if you’d like to stand out of the crowd, go for this. But make sure you compliment it with Black, light blue or grey to avoid looking pale and neutral.

Leopard Print

The fashion world has still not given up on our all-time-favourite Leopard Print. This ravishing animal motifs look would really make you stand out, but make sure you mix it with your wardrobe in a very subtle way, after all it’s Summer, you do not want to look like you’re on the ‘Hunt’, (If you know what I mean).


Pretty much the colour of Spring. We all love Pastel clothing, it never leaves the trend. Ever since the late 60’s, we’ve been incorporating Pastel colours in to our wardrobes as a ritual. Not only does it lighten up your personality, but the baby doll look is all yours! A peach floral mini dress matched with a pastel pink platform stiletto is just ideal to look graceful this blossoming season.

The Prairie Look

Who would have thought we’d go back to the 1800’s? Well, the prairie look isn’t all bad. It depends on how you mix it up with your wardrobe. Many do not understand how the prairie style should be incorporated. Jazzy Velvet, faded mix short dresses with puffy sleeves and hard beaded or leather accessories would make up the perfect modern Prairie Look.

Extra Glam

We all love extra glam and bling to look a bit more extra than the rest of the girls. It doesn’t hurt to mix up your wardrobe with some extra style. Many would find your fashion over styled, but don’t listen to them, you dress up for yourself, not for them. It’s alright to spoil yourself with a feathery hot pink handbag, a glittery jacket or a neon spandex dress and look a little extra this Spring.

Plain Playsuits and Jumpsuits

The best way to show the world that you’re ready to face any challenge in one piece is by wearing the spot-on, perfect jumpsuit! Saying goodbye to Winter, this is the season to get out there and rock yourself in a hot playsuit. You can wear a loose-fitting plain colour jumpsuit with a matching heel for an evening outing. Plain coloured jumpsuits not only suits the Spring weather, but also signifies your personality depending on the occasion you’re attending to.

Bohemian Accessories

Yes! We are glad they’re back! Time to lock in those bling extras and say hello to your favourite Bohemian rustic jewellery. Here’s what’s interesting, now you can look like a typical girl boss by wearing these casual accessories for your corporate attire. Avoid the long beaded necklaces and earrings, wear matching plain colours, the next thing you know, all the girls would want to steal your look!

Mint Green

Is Green your thing? Then here’s a reason to fill up your wardrobe with a set of new shades of green clothing. Spring’s trend this year is Mint Green and it’s just refreshing! If you have a rather pale skin, this colour would rock you like a model. #greenaesthetic is trending on social media, which means it’s time to go shopping again and posing for photos!!!

Vintage Holidays

Resort wear and vacation wear has taken a drastic turn on the fashion arena. Floral vintage from the 80’s (once again) is what’s trending around town. From swimsuits, playsuits and bikinis to sunglasses and hats, it’s time to revolutionize your vacation wardrobe with Vintage pastels. Especially if you’re an expert instagrammer or influencer, the look you convey matters a lot after all!


The best way to rock Spring this year is switching to Athleisure. Fitness fashion is one of the most trending and profitable businesses and fashions in the world. Get the famous celebrity look next time you go jogging, cycling or skating.


So there you go! All the trends you need to prep up for Spring this year! So finally say goodbye to all those loose-fitting winter clothing and welcome a new wardrobe of hot blossoming Spring wear! Of course who’d say no to shopping, but make sure you don’t throw away too much of cash on unnecessary items, try mix matching what you already have. And don’t forget to rock yourself Gracefully and Glamorously!

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