Horse riding is an exciting sport that is no less than an adventure. When it comes to this equestrian sport, it is necessary to get the equipment right. From the horse tack to a sturdy helmet, every piece of equipment related to horse riding should be chosen with scrutiny. The right kind of riding equipment will not only keep you safe and comfortable but also make your experience enjoyable. Horse riding, in general, needs a lot of tools and gear, most of which must be bought. If you are a beginner, the task of choosing the right equipment can be a bit overwhelming.

Consider these factors when picking horse riding equipment.

A Fitting Helmet

Needless to say, a helmet must be on top of your list when buying tools for horse riding. Since riders are exposed to swaying movements and hurdles, they must wear a fitting helmet to prevent head injuries in case they fall. Even if you build a rapport with your horse and feel that you can rein him, it is advised to wear a helmet for extra protection. Pick a headgear that is specifically designed for horse riding. Even though it is a bit more expensive than cycling helmets, the investment is worth the level of protection you get.

Comfortable Clothes

When riding a horse, you need comfortable clothing to withstand the swaying movement. Picking casual clothes without paying much attention can result in rashes or even bruises in extreme cases. Invest in dry-fit clothes that repel moisture and prevent odor from sweating. Wear a moisture-wicking jumper or jacket on top to stay warm, dry, and comfortable when riding the horse. Pick a pair of warm and dry stretchable pants. You will also need a pair of thick and smooth gloves to get a better grip on the strap and prevent your palms from burning, specifically when your horse is too aggressive or excited. If you are riding during the winter season, pick three-finger gloves. Do not forget to get high-quality chaps and beeches.

Horse Riding Boots

Several companies design boots specifically for horse riding, which are available in a variety of styles, colors, and patterns. Riding experts usually recommend high-quality brands, namely le-mieux, so that you know you’re investing in a pair of horse-riding boots with a heel and track that will last quite a long time. The heel can be 1 to 1.5 inches in height. If you happen to ride on a thick track, the design of these boots will keep your feet away from the stirrup. This will, in turn, eliminate the fear of getting stuck in your foot’s stirrup, which can otherwise drag you across the ground and cause injuries. Leather paddock boots are an ideal choice when riding a horse.

Horse Tack

Once you have gathered your equipment, it is time to address your horse’s needs. The accessories attached to your horse are collectively referred to as tack and the process of equipping your horse with these tools is called tacking up. The set includes saddles, halters, bits, stirrups, reins, bridles, breastplates, martingales, and harnesses. The first step to picking the right kind of tack is to learn more about your horse’s breed and prominent characteristics. Even though a leather saddle is always an ideal choice, it ultimately depends on your horse’s health and comfort level. Furthermore, consider features like your horse’s measurements, budget, and type of activity when choosing a tack.

Feeding and Shelter

What about your horse’s food and shelter? Ensuring his nutritional requirements is of utmost importance. Calculate the amount of food needed based on your horse’s weight and body measurements. If you’ve bought a pony or a horse, arranging his shelter is another major responsibility. If you have the luxury, you can rent a professional yard that comes with a livery service to house your horse. The service will take care of his food and exercise needs, along with his bedding and overall maintenance. If you don’t have the budget but have enough time, you can take care of your horse all by yourself.

Grooming and Maintenance Tools

Your horse will need proper grooming on a regular basis. Invest in high-quality grooming and maintenance tools such as a hoof pick (to remove dirt and debris from your horse’s hooves), a curry comb (to achieve a glossy coat), a specialist shampoo, and a grooming kit curated for ponies and horses. A first aid kit containing band-aids, cleansing wipes, fly repellent, and wound cream will also be needed.

Since most equestrian sports are highly risky, you must pay attention to the quality of equipment you invest in. The right kind of tools and gear will keep you safe and comfortable throughout the ride. If you are new to horse riding, these tools will also help enhance your learning method and teach you the right techniques while safeguarding your horse’s health.

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