Whether you ride a bike for the convenience it offers or do it for fun; you have definitely learned a few things. We all have some form of appreciation for the morning rumble of a v-twin powerHouse and the miles of comfort and torque that follow. After all, four wheels move the body, and two wheels move the soul if the old saying is anything to go by.

You cannot question the power, style, and comfort associated with factory standard motorcycles. It is for this reason that some cruisers fall in a different category when compared to others. In the current generation filled with various selections from different manufacturers, you can definitely find something for every Rider regardless of your style. Motorcycles are a great representation of your personality and individual style. It is an identity of who you are as a rider.

If you prefer usability and comfort, you can transform your motorcycle to fit your luxurious preferences. If you like performance and speed, a few modifications will leave you with a machine that can deliver power to the asphalt. People who prefer practicality can modify their motorcycles to provide the levels of utility needed. All you need to get what you want from your bike is some creativity and ideal upgrades.

Regardless of your motorcycle and personal style, you can add a bit of personality to your bike with these upgrades.

1. Windshields

When you hear of motorcycle windshields, the first thing you think of may be a motorcycle similar to a sale rolling down the road. I know it may have been through a few decades ago, but there have been numerous improvements in the construction and style of motorcycle windshield assemblies over the past few decades. The progress in assembly and materials has seen the rise of new and lighter windshields that are more streamlined than they were in the past.

Whether you are a city slicker or a highway King, wind management while riding on your motorcycle is one of the most important things you need to consider. If you are a big fan of Honda motorcycles, you can find various windshields for the Honda GL 1800 Gold Wing that fully complement your style. If your bike came with a factory-issued windshield, you could invest in a tinted variant or additional deflectors to improve the ride experience.

When selecting a new windshield for your motorcycle, make sure you find the perfect balance between debris and wind protection versus style and airflow.

2. Riding Gear

This applies to every motorcycle rider out there. Whether you are trying to cope with different weather for different seasons or want to shake up things to match your look and style, high-quality riding gear is one of the best investments you can make.

If you have skinned your knee or stubbed your toe, you probably know how much difference a little protection can make. Even the slightest degree of protection can be the difference-maker between a tiny bruise on your arm or leg or having to spend weeks in the hospital bed.

Look for quality gear that offers more than safety. If you have had an oversized helmet or small gloves that do not fit when going out for a ride, you know how much of a nightmare it can turn out to be in an uncomfortable jacket, or the wrong style can be pretty distracting. Finding the right gear gives you the confidence of comfort without compromising your safety on the road, even if you end up in a crash.

3. Exhaust

If you live close to a town where bikers frequent, aftermarket exhausts may not be something new to you. Many people can hear you coming before they even set eyes on you. It gives you the thrill of seeing people turn their heads with their eyes glaring upon you as you get closer to them.

The Honda GL 1800 comes with a very impressive exhaust from the factory, but it is up to you to bring out the rumble that suits your style. The different exhaust systems in the market all come with different tones, styling, and build quality, adding unique character to your motorcycle. 

Additionally, aftermarket exhausts are tailored to enhance the performance of your motorcycle by improving engine exhaust airflow. Perhaps the most significant upgrade you can add to your bike is improving its performance and personalizing the riding experience.

4. Lighting Accessories

You may have heard a biker say that loud motorcycles can potentially save lives. There is some truth to it since a loud exhaust can make it easier for other road users to notice you, but it should not be the only safety feature you install on your motorcycle.

Some drivers hit the road with headphones over the ears or blaring entertainment systems in their cars. Even more, a loud motorcycle will not do you any good if you ride through a neon-lit city or pitch-black backwoods at night. With the ever-increasing light and noise pollution combined with distractions on car infotainment systems, additional lighting is an essential upgrade for every motorcycle. The ideal lighting upgrades can improve your safety on the road and enhance the style of your cruiser. They can potentially save lives.

You can find lighting accessory upgrades for the front and rear and the sides of your motorcycle. It is best for the back of your bike to go with aftermarket license plate frame lights. Set lighting upgrades make it easier for drivers to see you, thus preventing rear-end collisions which can be fatal. Front lighting upgrades improve visibility and make it easier for other road users to differentiate between you and a car with a damaged headlight. Other lighting upgrades you can invest in include accents, turn signals, and displays, adding a bit of style and personality to the bike in the dark.

In summary, the list of motorcycle upgrades you could invest in is endless, but we have only covered a few of the most important ones. With all the upgrades mentioned above, you should consider upgrading your motorcycle now before you develop some regrets. There is no feeling worse than hitting the road only to realize that you could have upgraded your windshield, exhaust, lights, or other features. Remember to ride safely and protect yourself and other road users.

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