As the single most dreaded aspect of school life, homework is feared by many. Several studies have shown that homework, when given in excess, can cause stress and depression in children. On the other hand, quality homework can instill a sense of responsibility, time management, and ethics amazon others in children.

Therefore, until the time homework is eradicated, not that we are saying it should be, it would be beneficial for students to have some assistance to help through their school work. For a better understanding of the syllabus and course material, afterschool programs and homework help are great options.

Hereโ€™s a primer article on what to look for when picking an afterschool program.

Make Sure Thereโ€™s a Dedicated Space

Unless the ambiance is not suitable for it, a pupil wouldnโ€™t be able to focus on the task at hand, which is to complete the homework or school assignment. Make sure the afterschool program or homework help center has a dedicated space for homework, where your child will be able to concentrate.

An ideal homework setup would have a table for small groups of kids to work on their assignments together. This will instill a sense of team spirit, and your child will be able to get help if needed. Additionally, an isolated zone where kids can work on their own is equally important.

A good afterschool program center will also have a dedicated area with computers for students to look up information from online resources designed to provide homework answers to all standard questions and also facilitates understanding of the concept.

Elaborate Homework Routine

One of the critical benefits of homework is to instill the value of time management in children. A good afterschool program will define a specified amount of time for their pupils to complete the assignment. This could range from as low as 30 minutes for grade school students to two hours a day for high-schoolers.

A study revealed that humans, including children and adults alike, should follow an 8-8-8 circadian lifestyle, where they dedicate 8 hours each to study/work, play, and rest. A good afterschool program will let kids move on to new activities like learning games after finishing their homework in the stipulated time.

Most afterschool programs will resort to steps like offering snacks, allowing a fixed playtime before homework, and more to make the kid feel at home and enjoy the whole experience. Researches have already proved that a happy mind is the most productive mind, and these steps help keep children about school work.

Professional Help For Homework

No good after-school program can be effective without the proper guidance of a subject matter expert. Before zeroing down on any homework help center, research and find out if they have an expert teacher onboard to help children with their queries and doubts regarding the study material or homework.

Look for afterschool programs with qualified staff to monitor homework and offer assistance wherever needed. Most school-based afterschool programs will have a certified teacher to fill this role. Other centers sometimes hire university students to fill the position.

Before settling down on an afterschool program for your pupil, ensure that the staff is appropriately trained to deal with kids and their educational requirements.

Abide by School Program

Not all kids are the same, and itโ€™s especially true for their learning ability. Several schools follow the homework contract methodology, where students, parents, and the school sign an agreement outlining what parents and children will do to get school work done on time and correctly. The contract will reward or enforce a restriction based on the performance of the pupil.

The afterschool program should be willing to undertake the responsibility to work with the contract and ensure that the terms are met. They need to make sure that the child is doing what is expected from them and turning in their school work quickly without errors in them.

Special Needs Accommodations

Just like every child learns at their own pace, they also have different needs from each other. To illustrate, children who have problems writing down their ideas but can dictate just fine will need a speech-to-text facility or a staff member to write down their words. Additionally, kids with mental disorders like ADHD will require a unique setup and attention, which the afterschool program should be able to handle.

Last but not least, a good afterschool program will regularly communicate with the parents to give updates about their wards. Picking the right afterschool program will ensure that your child submits school work regularly, and that will further contribute to their confidence at school.

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