Not everyone is blessed enough to have endless storage space in their homes. The majority have to utilize limited space to make their homes tidy. And yes, it is challenging but not impossible.

In today’s review, I am going to share a few impressive hacks that can help you utilize the small space you have to keep your home organized. I’ve compiled hacks that can help you manage smaller items like cleaning supplies and undies as well as bigger accessories like bikes. Let’s get to it:

1. Storing Laundry Supplies

Laundry supplies can make your laundry room look like a mess. They can also fill up the space pretty easily.

One of the best ways to prevent that is by transferring the supplies from their original packaging into a container. This is helpful in several ways. One, containers are much prettier than the original packing of the supplies. So, your laundry room will look less of a mess.

Since the containers are pretty, your storage options will also increase. You can arrange glass containers out in the open, for example. They will actually add to the decor of your home.

2. Storing Your Bike

Leaving your bike outside exposes it to different weather elements, which can compromise its durability. There’s also a risk of having your precious ride stolen.

On the other hand, the bike can fill up your space pretty fast if you bring it to the house or garage.

So, what’s the appropriate solution? Some people mount the bike on a wall rack. This can free some space on the floor, but it might not be the most aesthetic thing to do.

That’s why other cyclists go for outdoor bike shelves instead. The shelves protect the bike against bad weather and theft. Shelves are also pretty small, so they won’t take up much of your outdoor space.

Building a bike shelf is also straightforward. You can click here to find some inspiration. You will see that you can have a shelf made of different materials like wood and metal. You can also customize the shelf’s finishing to complement your outdoor decor.

3. Storing Your Cooking Ware

Pots and pans don’t have to fill your kitchen counters. Neither should they clutter your cabinets. You can easily tidy up your kitchen by hanging the pots instead. Just find some hooks and mount them at strategic points somewhere in your kitchen wall.

You can even play around with the placement of the hooks to create some pattern on the wall. Then hang your pots and pans there.

The other alternative is to use towel bars. Install long towel bars and use them to hang your pots, not the towels.

4. Storing Garden Tools

A disorganized garage is a health hazard. Hurting yourself with the garden tools is pretty easy when everything is all over the place.

Storing your garden tools poorly can also reduce their lifespan. Rust and other issues may develop, forcing you to replace these expensive tools.

Avoid all that by cleaning and hanging your garden tools correctly. Build lockers and shelves on the walls, then hang your equipment nicely. This will free up lots of space in your garage, and it’s not even an expensive project. Plus, you can do it as a DIY; no need to hire any professionals.

5. Using Drawer Organizers

Have you ever opened your drawer and spent a good ten minutes+ looking for an item? How annoying was that?

Use drawer organizers to bring order in your drawers. These organizers will partition your drawer into multiple sections. You can then designate each section for specific items. That way, you will spend less time looking for gadgets. Also, you’ll never have to second-guess yourself, wondering whether the item you want is actually there or not.

You can use drawer organizers for literally all the drawers in your home. From kitchen, office, and bedroom to closet drawers, the organizers, will make your life much simpler.

6. Use A PVC Shoe Rack

Do you have PVC pipes hanging around in the storage unit or garage? Check the pipes if they can fit your shoes. If they can, cut the pipes into smaller units. You want just the right size for your shoes to fit inside them.

Then, glue the pipes together with pipe glue. You can then mount the glued pipes somewhere on the wall. That’s it. You don’t need a bulky shoe rack taking up your floor space anymore. Put your shoes in the pipes.

You can also use PVC pipes to partition your drawer and separate things like your dry undies. Just cut the pipes at the right height to fit the drawer.

You can also paint the pipes with different colors to give your drawer some life. Insert the pipes into the drawer and organize your undies.

Those are some of my favorite home storage solutions. These techniques are cheap and mostly DIY projects, so you shouldn’t have a hard time putting them into action. All the best!

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